It’s Not Cheap to Being a Music Superfan

These days, music is everywhere and easily accessible online, but what price does the average listener pay when they become superfans? The front-row seats, t-shirts, and deluxe editions are not free.

Betway has carefully examined the prices of resale tickets, merchandise, albums, and the wide range of autographed things accessible to die-hard fans.

You may have wasted much more of your hard-earned money than other fans if you are a big admirer of Drake, Ed Sheeran, or BTS. According to calculations, the top three most costly musicians to be devoted fans of across a variety of genres are Drake, Ed Sheeran, and BTS. But how much does it cost to be their biggest supporter?

Below are some startling survey results data:

Drake is the most expensive musician to see live; if fans had gone to every UK event over the previous five years, it would have cost them a whopping £12,581.97. The average cost of resale tickets to see the celebrity in person is £405.87.

The second-most costly tour in the UK belongs to Ed Sheeran, whose 115 performances over five years would have cost a superfan £9,067.75 to see all of them.

The most costly UK tour belongs to the popular boy band BTS. This is because attending only six of their live performances in the UK over the last five years would have cost a superfan £4,073.64.

Metallica is the most expensive indie/rock artist for fans to be superfans, costing them a whopping total of £2,719.36, according to independent rockers.

Powerhouse singer Adele has been named the most expensive R&B artist for fans to follow, with full devotion to the star costing supporters £4,424.58. Adele fans who want to witness the soulful singer perform songs from her new album, such as “Easy on Me,” will have to fork over a staggering £548.63 for each resale ticket. Superfans who saw Adele perform seven times in the UK over five years may have spent £3,840.41 altogether.

How much does becoming an electronic superfan cost?

Major Lazer is leading the pack as the most expensive electronic musician to be a superfan of, costing supporters roughly £631.48 in total to see live and purchase merchandise from.

Fans of Major Lazer who saw all six of their performances over five years will have spent an astounding £488.04. Superfans who are interested in anything “Major Lazer” can get their most recent album, “Music Is the Weapon,” for £9.99 or outfit oneself with accessories for $14.93.

How much does being a pop superfan cost?

With an estimated eye-watering £9,191.92 spent on everything “Ed Sheeran,” singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran tops the list of most expensive pop icons to be a superfan of.

Resale tickets for the “Shape of You” singer start at £78.85, and those who want to listen to Ed’s most recent album “Equals” in the privacy of their own home can do so for £7.99. An item of conventional stuff, such as tour t-shirts or tote bags, will cost fans about £29.04 on average.

Buy an album for £9.99, or $0.71 per track.

Methodology: The Betway team determined the most expensive artist fandoms to be a part of, concentrating just on the UK and France. Following considerations have been made using a seed list of Spotify’s most streamed artists:

The price of used tickets for stadium tours in the past using SeatGeek

The typical price of generic products as found on artists’ official websites

Divided by the number of tracks per album, the cost of the most recent album (e.g. cost per track) – utilizing search data from Google

Cost of signed objects for sale as determined by confirmed eBay prices


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