Railways to Offer Cabs at Jalandhar, Ludhiana & Amritsar Railway Stations

Jalandhar, Ludhiana and Amritsar will soon have cab facility at railway stations. Punjab Government has come up with a new proposal of getting a cab facility for railway stations of Punjab cities. The facility will certainly improve the connectivity network from Railway stations to other areas by bridging the rail to road network via private cab facilities.

Tying up with private players of Uber and Ola for increased efficiency of connectivity, the move has proven to be a great initiative by the Punjab government. It would be done by Railways Ferozpur Division of Punjab.

About the Initiative

The initiative has been introduced as a proposal by the government as a result of bridging the unmet need gap of the passengers travelling via rail networks. In the very first phase, cities of Punjab like Jalandhar, Ludhiana and Amritsar are included whose railway stations encounter major connectivity arena. The process of implementation shall begin soon in terms of floating the tender to invite applications and quotations of interested firms for tie-ups.

Though applications are invited only for those firms who offer an app-based approach. In a tech-savvy world like ours, none would like to bear hassles of late arrival of taxi drivers to ferry passengers. The online tracking system along with mobile application based booking confirmations and cancellations are the most sough after features one looks for while making bookings.

Reasons for the Initiative

The reasons for taking up the cause has been traced back to the atrocities suffered by passengers and fleecing that occurs outside the railway stations. Here’s a list of reasons that are cited for the initiative :

  • To provide ease and comfort to rail passengers
  • To provide better connectivity facility for them to reach homes
  • To provide hassle free journey for the passengers as cabs could be booked even before arrival
  • To avoid unecessary fleecing from those who enjoy monopoly of the system
  • Trains scheduled at the wee hours of night require safer and better mode of transportation
  • Non availability of other means of transportation at night, a big hassle for commuters
  • Revenue generation source for the railway division via tie-ups

Following the Footsteps of Bangalore Rail Division

The ‘Cab facility project at railway stations’ derives its inspiration from the South-Western Railways mainly Bangalore Rail Division which has already incorporated the project to the level of successful implementation. A lot parallelism is being drawn on those lines which makes Punjab following the footsteps of Bangalore Rail Division for the benefit of its people.

In Bangalore, Uber and Ola willingly provide these services for it means symbiotic benefit of mutual business for them. Here in Punjab, the division is working out on seeking permission from the State Government to implement the proposal soon. The Ferozpur division is all set to implement the proposal and awaits Government’s nod. Meanwhile, Amritsar railway station might have a delayed implementation owing to other major projects going on in terms of working with Tourism Ministry to increase its circulation area.

The project is still under the initial stage and amongst Northern Railways, Ferozpur division would be the first one to implement this amazing idea. The moment a “Green Signal” of affirmation is given by the Punjab State Government, the project would take-off.

So, the next time that “Auto-walla bhaiyya” fleeces you to mint money, Don’t feel helpless. One click on your mobile app, and you are Ready to Go !!!

Source: Hindustan Times

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