Jats might get Reservation but they Insulted Haryana, Haryanvis | A Must Watch Video by a Haryanvi Jat Girl

This Haryanvi Jat Girl – Anuradha Beniwal, a national chess champion has got amazing things to say in a video dedicated to the people of Haryana who are protesting for Jat reservation.

She says to Haryanavis that you people are burning your own houses, your own land, your own property and the only thing that will suffer is the state of Haryana.

True to her words, Jats might get reservation but what is the use of such education and jobs when you have brought such a massive insult to the state of Haryana.

Do watch out the short video (Just 2 minutes and 50 seconds).

The protests in Haryana for Jat reservations are making news around the world and the state of Haryana, the Harvanvi Jat people have all the reasons to be criticized for what they have done.

  • Blocked Railways affecting tens of thousands of people.
  • Blocked Roads and people were stranded on roads not for few hours but for days.
  • Stopped water supply to Delhi affecting 10 Million people for 2 days.
  • Burned buses, trucks and private vehicles.
  • Lost 9 human lives.
  • Robbed shops and showrooms of goods worth millions.
  • Destroyed markets, broken public property and defaced cities & towns.
  • The list can go on and on…..

Do you think such people should be given reservation? The Indian Government vowed to their demands as there was no other alternative but will the reservation system help them?

Do watch and listen to the video. You’ll get a lot of answers.

Don’t forget to share this to create some awareness. Remember not all Haryanvis are same but the mob has definitely brought a bad name to Haryana, Haryanvis and the Jat community.

Video Credits: The Quint

The video was first posted on The Quint Facebook Page


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