Jayalalithaa’s Niece, Kanthi D Suresh’s Foray Into Politics

Ms Kanthi D Suresh, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Power Sportz in a candid chat.

While Power Sportz is not only Indias first Sports news channel, Kanthi  is also the first Indian Woman  founder  of a sports channel. After chasing her for a long time we could manage to have a chat with her. Here are the insights for all of you!

1) How would you describe the year 2019 for you personally and professionally

It’s tough to separate my personal and professional life, both are strongly entwined. 2019 has been a great year for me, I have been able to take Power Sportz on the journey, where I wanted to see it grow, as I had envisioned it, on the day I launched the channel, last year. It’s truly becoming the Voice of Sport, in India, and making its presence, globally.

2) Let’s first talk about your personal front.  You are a rare combination of a high profile individual who’s comfortable being low profile. Why the contradiction?

There is no contradiction. I really don’t know the parameters of measurement for high profile and low profile. Deep down, I’m an extremely private person, comfortable with myself, without feeling the need to prove something to others, so you rarely get to see me in those Page 3 party circuit. My media profession may be giving a façade of high profile, not sure.

3) You do have a very tough exterior, sometimes comes across as very high on attitude. But, people who know you swear by your simplicity.

My high preference to my privacy may be construed as high on attitude, and my low preference to materialistic aspects is perhaps considered to be simplicity by the ones who really know me.

4) You are also known to be a little bit of an enigma, a modern looking exterior, with a conservative mindset. Who are you?

No. I’m not an enigma at all. Its society’s tendency to be judgmental all the time that could be confusing. In terms of a physical exterior, yes, I take care of myself, my fitness in particular. It gives me an added feeling of energy. In terms of a mindset, I draw my boundaries, yes, could be some tight boundaries, which you may consider, conservative. But, I’m certainly not Judgemental, and I don’t jump to foregone conclusions on others boundaries, or a lack of it!

5) You had recently indicated your displeasure about certain statements made by some family members on the biopic of Madam Jayalalithaa. You being closely related to her, do you think Kangana is the right choice to portray her?

I had only reiterated that whatever is shown on Jayalalithaa’s childhood life should be well researched and is important to portray factual information to the people of India, as Amma was such a towering personality, every little bit of information could be inspirational for many.

With regard to who the right choice to portray Jayalalithaa s character, would best be decided by the people of India, as she was a leader of the masses.

6) Coming to your professional aspect, Power Sportz has achieved a lot as compared to so many other start-ups in a short span of time. What has clicked?

Changing viewing patterns of people, growth of internet speeds in India, People’s choice for unique content, growth of sports in India, and the first mover advantage, are some of the things which have clicked for us at Power Sportz.

7) You have talked about gender issues in many of your interviews. Do you think men can treat a tough woman like you, in a biased manner?

It’s a bit tough to express it openly to a woman like me. At the same time, I must add here that any kind of a biased behavior need not always be spoken out loud. Silence many a times can indicate the same level of a gender bias. I can only say, India still has a long way to go.

8) Is Power Sportz here to stay? We hear you have political interests as well, also considering your Political background…

Politics does interest me. A Political news channel is definitely next on my agenda. But, Power Sportz is here to stay, and is currently my main priority.

9) Your message to women out there, who wish to embark on the journey of Entrepreneurship?

Don’t allow yourself to be undervalued. Know your worth, even if others don’t!


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