Know More About Jayden K Smith – The Facebook Hacker Who Does Not Exist

The information that ‘Jayden K. Smith is going to hack your Facebook account ‘ took the digital world by storm. The rumor about Jayden K. Smith, the Facebook account hacker, spread like the forest fire with people spreading the messages to stay alert about not accepting any friend request from this Facebook hacker – Jayden K. Smith. Well, though everyone was cautious about a friend request on Facebook from Jayden K. Smith but no one actually received any… No one really had any clue about a person named Jayden K. Smith!

Well, scrutinised the whole case and finally found the identity about Jayden K. Smith. Jayden K. Smith alleged as the Facebook account hacker, but who is Jayden K. Smith? Where is Jayden K. Smith from? Why Jayden K. Smith wants to hack your Facebook account? Well, we have answers to all your questions about Jayden K. Smith. Read on…

The warning about Jayden K. Smith 

It all started with a warning message stating “If you accept a friend request from Jayden K. Smith your Facebook account would be hacked.” This piece of important information started from somewhere and someone must have initiated this message just to build up a panic amongst the Facebook users. The message was so intense that propelled everyone copying, pasting and forwarding this warning to all their friends on Facebook. The warning message flooded people’s Facebook inboxes but no one received a request from the hacker — Jayden K. Smith.

Here’s the truth about Jayden K. Smith

  • It was alleged that if you accept Jayden K. Smith’s friend request he would hack your Facebook account.
  • Jayden K. Smith is nothing but an imaginary name.
  • No Facebook accounts were hacked while this information was being spread on the social network.
  • No one received any Facebook friend request from Jayden K. Smith, the Facebook hacker.
  • The name Jayden K. Smith, the Facebook hacker, created a panic situation and everyone started forwarding the information about being hacked.
  • The person named Jayden K. Smith, alleged as the Facebook hacker, did not harm anyone virtually.

Excerpts from the original message

  • It was mentioned in the message to convey it to the Facebook friends not to accept friendship request from Jayden K. Smith.
  • Jayden K. Smith is a hacker who has the system connected to your Facebook account.
  • Jayden K. Smith will be able to access your account if any of your contacts accepts the friend request.
  • If your contacts accepts Jayden K. Smith’s friend request your account will also be hacked.
  • Make sure that you inform all your friends.
  • Steps to forward the message was duly mentioned in the text!

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