Chandigarh Education Department to Recruit 100+ JBT Teachers in 2017

Chandigarh’s Education Department is all set to carry out the mass recruitment drive of JBT teachers for city’s government schools soon. With more than 200 teachers who were not regularised under “Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan” scheme recently resigned from their posts from Chandigarh schools.

This drove the UT Education Department to go forth with the recruitment process at a massive scale to cater to the unfulfilled professional requirements of smooth functioning of government schools of Chandigarh.

Why teachers from Chandigarh schools resigned?

With Haryana governments thoughtful move of providing regular employment opportunities at nearby districts last month, the instantaneous response was witnessed by Chandigarh school teachers who were hired via contracts awaiting renewal resigning from their posts to join regualr jobs in their parent state Haryana. The teachers who resigned were on deputation hired via SSA scheme which failed to deliver them the promise of provision of regular employment opportunities. When such an opportunity of Haryana Government’s initiative came their way, no second thought crossed their minds in taking up the change for their own professional growth.

Mass Recruitment Drive in Chandigarh

The mass recruitment drive for 100+ JBT teachers in Chandigarh’s government school is going to be a blessing in disguise because of the regular permanent government jobs offered by the UT Education Department in Chandigarh. The drive is the most awaited one as the recruitment unlike the previous years’ process would not be carried out via “Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan” scheme any longer. Beating the conventions and the odds, the recruitment would now be under the cadre of the UT Education Department.

Reasons for Recruitment Drive by UT Education Deptt.

Here are the reasons cited for such a massive level employment scenario in Chandigarh.

  • Resignation of 200+ teachers who went in for Haryan Governments’ regular employment opportunity
  • Vacancies created along with sheer shortage of teaching staff for city’s government schools
  •  400+ vacancies to be created soon in coming months, as sources reveal
  • Roping in SCERT, BEd Colleges of Chandigarh like Government College, Sector 20, Dev Samaj etc. to be temporary
  • Provision of trainee teachers to be made available only for a time period of 6 months
  • Temporary arrangement needs to substituted via permanent staff soon
  • Schools like GMSSS-10 and govt. school in Maloya are worst affected in Chandigarh

Hiring is one, maintaining the staff for a good Human Resource bringing in in any organisation is the toughest task any senior level person can do. In an initiative to carry out the balance in both the recruitment process as well as the retention process in the teaching faculty and staff in Govt. schools of Chandigarh region, UT’s Education Department’s recruitment drive is on warfooting of execution.

The “Education City” Chandigarh should never lose its title and charm and in a drive to maintain the title, We salute the efforts of creation of employment opportunities by UT Education Department.

Source: Indian Express

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