Jean Teri – Jazz Dhami New Punjabi Song Featuring Jazz Dhami & Deep Kalsi

Jazz Dhami does it again. After the catchy punjabi song ‘Oye Hoye Oye Hoye’ last month he brings ‘Jean teri’ in collaboration with Raftaar and Deep Kalsi to the table. The ne punjabi song has us rocking since it came out this morning and we can’t help but play it on repeat. Jean teri is the first punjabi song to come out of Raftaar’s new album which is marketed by Zee Music Company. You can download or stream the song from most major services like Saavn, Apple Music and Spotify.

What we did not like about Raftaar’s Jean Teri featuring Jazz Dhami and Deep Kalsi:

Jean teri by Jaz Dhami featuring Raftaar is a raunchy punjabi song and comes with an equally raunchy video. The video is a mix of something that has proven to work in the Punjabi music industry and some visuals that we’re seeing for the very first time. The video of Jean teri features Jazz Dhami along with Raftaar and Deep Kalsi having fun in a club that resembles a warehouse. The most part of it is shot on top of a bus loaded with graffiti which is a total rip off of Major Lazer’s Lean On. Jean teri also retains the ginger hair of Jazz Dhami that we saw in ‘Oye Hoye Oye Hoye’ a month ago.

What we like about the ‘Jean Teri’ Jazz Dhami ft Raftaar:

We’re still in 2017 and new punjabi songs by respected artists somehow still manage to objectify women. Not going into that though we liked Raftaar’s rap in which we have grown to love off late. His timing and delivery in the new punjabi song Jean teri is just outstanding. Raftaar is probably one of the artists in the rap industry who probably understands how sexism is present in most new urban Punjabi songs. He recently put out a video on his Facebook page refusing to be a part of such songs and we can’t help but respect Raftaar. The Lyrics and the Music department is headed by the multitalented Deep Kalsi himself and the guy definitely delivers. He replaces the chorus with a drop like hook which helps in connecting the new punjabi song to the millenials.


All in All Raftaar and Jazz Dhami’s Jean teri might not exactly be fresh but is catchy as hell especially the hook by Deep Kalsi. The new punjabi song is not for people looking for music with substance but will definitely find a place in the audience it was made for – a cliché guy with a massive subwoofer driving with his windows down.

Head over to the official video of Jean teri by Jazz Dhami and Raftaar:

The song can currently be streamed or downloaded on most major services like Apple Music, Spotify and Saavn. The official video can be found on YouTube.


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