Jeep Compass: Few Lesser Talked About Things About The Car

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles have announced that the Jeep Compass has sold 10,000 units since its launch about 4 months ago. This is by any means a huge number for a car maker that had little to no presence in the Indian market before. The Compass has already done the trick for Jeep and keeps ringing in the cash register for the company. However, today we at Chandigarh Metro are about to discuss a few things that one usually takes for granted.

Jeep Compass Looks

The design engineers over at Jeep have designed the car to appeal to the true SUV enthusiast with a rather boxy design as compared to other cars in the competition. However, that did not stop them from hiding a few easter eggs in the design of the Jeep Compass like the lizard on the A-Pillar, and the little dragon in the rear windshield.

Jeep Compass Interiors

The Compass has been designed with keeping the Indian customer in mind and therefore Jeep has made a few changes to cater to the huge audience. The seat now comes with better thigh support and there are more cubby holes for storage spaces inside the Compass. But in all honesty, not all of them seem practical for use though.

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Jeep Compass Suspension

The suspension comes with something called the FCD technology Frequency Sensitive Dampers which consists of a valve that controls the flow of a fluid in the shockers. This translates to the Jeep Compass being exceptionally well on Indian roads ironing all the bumps.

Jeep Compass Cornering

The one fundamental drawback with SUVs is that you cannot be crazy with them on the drive due to their higher centre of gravity which translates to a lot of body roll. This car however, does a commendable job on the corners maintaining the confidence of the driver.

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Jeep Compass: Off-Roading Capabilities

Fiat Chrysler’s Jeep brand is synonymous with its off road cars and all the cars in its line up are a testament to that fact. This car too comes with hill start assist, break force multiplier and a plethora of other features that make the Compass a breeze on tarmac as well as on mud.

Jeep Compass: No Cruise Control

The Jeep Compass might be high on success but it still misses out some features that are a standard on cars from a segment below. The absence of cruise control means that you will have to engage with the car on long boring highways too giving your feet an extra job to do.

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