Jeep Recalls Their SUV Jeep Compass in India to Fix Faulty Airbags | Here’s The Issue

Jeep took the SUV market in India by storm with the launch of Compass at a very competitive price tag of 14-20 lakh Rupees. The launch has been met with huge positive response from the Indian SUV buyer and the cash registers have been ringing ever since. The Jeep Compass has successfully eaten into the sales of cars like XUV 500, Creta and even cars from a segment above like the Tucson. Well, from what it looks like the party did not last long from Jeep as it had to recall as much as 1,200 Compass SUVs.

1200 Jeep Compass SUVs Recalled Because Of Faulty Airbags

The Airbag module manufacturer has informed Fiat Chrysler Automobiles of loose fastenings in as much as 1,200 Jeep Compass SUVs sold in India. The airbags in question are the passenger side airbags which can be very harmful if deployed in case of a crash.

All the Jeep Compass SUVs manufactured between 5th September and 19th November globally have been recalled by Jeep in order to make sure there are no faulty airbags.

The airbag modules with loose fastenings somehow went unnoticed by the company into the final production cars and may end up being hazardous in case of a crash.  There have been no reported injuries in the case but Jeep has advised the Compass SUV owners to refrain from seating anyone in the front passenger seat. All the airbags affected Jeep Compass SUVs will be fixed by the company itself and the customer will have to bear no extra cost for the same.

As much as 9,000 Jeep Compass have been recalled globally

The Compass SUV recall by Jeep is not just limited to India as 9,000 SUVs in total have been affected by the same issue. Of these 9,000 Compass SUVs Jeep had sold over 7,000 units in the United States alone making it the largest affected market in terms of numbers. The number of Jeep Compass SUVs recalled from Canada and Mexico remain 1000 at large and 1200 units from India are anticipated to have the same faulty passenger airbag issue.

Source: News 18

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