Airbag Fault Detected in Jeep Compass SUV | 1200 Jeep Compass Recalled by FCA

Launched earlier this year, the most successful Jeep Compass SUV has been recalled. Yes, in line with the global recall of the newly launched Jeep Compass, the Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA) India has also recalled 1,200 units of the much sought after SUV Jeep Compass. The recall has been ordered to replace the faulty front passenger airbags in the SUV.

Airbag fault detected in Jeep Compass SUV

Airbag faultĀ  has been detected in the much sought after SUV- Jeep Compass. According to the report, a fault has been found in the airbag module assembly process due to which the automaker has recalled about 7,000 units of Jeep Compass. The report further mentions that the manufacturer has recalled around 7,000 units of Jeep Compass SUV produced between the first week of September to the third week of November. The recall initiated in the US on the 22nd of November. The vehicles that have been recalled were from the lot produced between September 5 to November 19.

1200 Jeep Compass recalled by FCA

The batch produced between September 5 to November 19 has been recalled but the number of affected units of the Jeep Compass is estimated to be less than 1 per cent of the total recalled units. It has been mentioned in a report that around 1,200 Jeep Compass have been recalled.

It is being speculated that loose fasteners may have accidentally found their way into a small number of modules that went unnoticed and the company has ordered a recall of the batch of Jeep Compass SUV manufactured between September 5 to November 19 to rectify the issue. The car-maker has stated in a statement that loose fasteners may pose vulnerability in case the front passenger airbags set up.

What may be the hazardous affects of defect found?

Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA) imports airbags from a global supplier. To eliminate the concern (loose fasteners) FCA India has ordered the recall of estimated 1,200 SUVs in India to replace the airbags. According to the report, the company has mentioned in a statement that it is unaware of any related accidents, injuries, complaints or event warranty claims in the context. It has also cautioned that if a vehicle with fault is impacted that causes the front passenger airbag to deploy, loose fasteners may pose a threat.

Source: Economic Times

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