Jeep Compass SUV Went Through Euro NCAP Crash Test & Here’s The Safety Rating it Got

The Jeep Compass SUV gets a 5 star in the crash test that was performed under Euro NCAP, recently. The high ratings in the crash test signify the safety and security the car is providing to the driver as well as to other passengers at the time of the accident or any other mishappening. There is no doubt that the Jeep Compass is one of the fine built American SUV brand in the world and will now become the most trusted one too.

Jeep Compass SUV gets 5-star rank in Euro NCAP crash test

After the unveiling of the beast machine and its crash test, the Jeep India has increased its fan following. That is the reason why its fans across India have already booked the popular SUV of Jeep India whose total number by far has touched 10,000. These are just the figures of the bookings that have come to the company till date and is expected to grow within a month’s time.

Though the Jeep Compass (India) has slightly different features from the one that has been tested in the video given below, the basic model of the Jeep remains the same. Talking about the features of the Jeep, the vehicle has eight airbags that were seen at the LHD Compass test performed by Euro NCAP. The Indian counter part of the Compass Jeep has just 6 air bags which are two lesser than the one that underwent the crash test. Apart from this, both the variants, Compass Jeep SUV and the one made in India sports similar model and body structures.

During the crash test of Jeep Compass done by the Euro NCAP, it was learnt that the compartment for passengers will remain stable at the time of sudden shock or accident with protection for the passengers sitting in the front (as shown in the crash test video with dummies). Not only this, the passengers sitting on the rear seat of Jeep Compass has good protection. After the crash test by the Euro NCAP, the Compass Jeep SUV has ranked the vehicle with 5-star rating for security with scoring of 90 % safe for adult passengers and 83% for children occupants

Video of crash test of Jeep Compass SUV

Here through this video, you can see that how a crash test on Jeep Compass SUV was performed under the Euro NCAP assessment.



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