Jind Mahi – New Punjabi Song by Kulbir Jhinjer (Official Video)

A new Punjabi Song titled as ‘Jind Mahi’ has been released by Kulbir Jhinjer. The song ‘Jind Mahi’ has such a great impact that in just 2 days of its release, it has crossed 1 million views on Youtube.

The mesmerising voice of Kulbir Jhinjer has raised meaning of the song ‘ Jind Mahi’ to another level. The lyrics, music and the video of the new Punjabi song ‘Jind Mahi’ have been so amazingly blended that it will make you cry. If you have ever loved anyone more than your life? then the video of the song ‘Jind Mahi’ by Kulbir Jhinjer will once again make you fall in love.

Jind Mahi Song by Kulbir Jhinjer

The new Punjabi song by Kulbir Jhinjer ‘Jind Mahi’ not only shows deep love, but also depicts that relationship is not for life long but it also last long afterlife, if it’s true. ‘Jind Mahi’ song has beautifully assembled the story of true love, who kept their love alive after death also.

New Punjabi Song of Kulbir Jhinjer 'Jind Mahi'

Singer: Kulbir Jhinjer

Lyrics: Kulbir Jhinjer

Music: Deep Jandu

Video: Avex Dhillon

Label: Vehli Janta Records

The song ‘Jind Mahi’ start with the line ‘Na Khache Ghade di ae, na eh jadd di ae’. And the tagline says ‘ho jind mahi, ho jind mahi, ho jind mahi ambiyan nu api gaya boor kundi muchh te’. One can’t resist the love of life ever after watching the video of the song ‘Jind Mahi’ by Kulbir Jhinjer.

Kulbir Jhinjer’s New Song Jind Mahi (Full Video)

Must watch the video of the song ‘Jind Mahi’ by Kulbir Jhinjer and remember the love of your life. The story line of the song ‘Jind Mahi’ will really touch your heart to the core.

And the last slide of song will definitely make you cry as it open up the whole story line of the song. And at the end of Kulbir Jhinjer’s Punabi song ‘Jind Mahi’ it has been written ‘Darasal gal ruhaa di ae’, that means its all about soul.

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