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One of the most talked and awaited Punjabi movie ‘Jindua’ released on 17th March 2017. ‘Jindua’ is a family drama movie blended with a love triangle. Punjabi movie ‘Jindua’ is featuring one of the most romantic jodi of Punjabi cinema, Jimmy Sheirgill and Neeru Bajwa on silver screen after a long time.

As ‘Jindua’ is a love triangle, it has one another leading lady, Shargun Mehta in the lead role with the two. The songs of Jundua went viral and won hearts way before the release the movie.

Jindua Movie Story

The story of ‘Jindua’ portrays the difficulties of Sikhs who use to go to Canada to earn dollars, but what all they have to go through their to achieve it. It is the story of Karma (Jimmy Sheirgill), who went to Canada to earn but fell in love with 2 girls Eesh (Neeru Bajwa) and Saghi (Sargun Mehta). Although one day both the girl come to know about all this and leave Karma alone.

But Karma never wanted to hurt any of these 2 girls and loved them from the core of his heart. What all he does to get them back in life and whether he achieve his dream to earn money or not will be revealed at the end of the movie ‘Jindua’.

Meaning of the word ‘Jindua’

‘Jindua’ is a Punjabi folk dance that the couple use to do to express their love for each other. In simple terms ‘Jindua’ relates to that person who is the love of the life. But in this film, it relates to one of the folk dance of Punjab other than Bhangra.

Jindua Punjabi Movie Cast & Crew

Jindua Cast

Starring: Jimmy Sheirgill, Neeru Bajwa, Sargun Mehta, Rajiv Thakur, Arkie Kandola, Raj Brar Balinder Johal and much more.

Production: Ohri Productions, Infantry Pictures & Yadu Productions

Director: Navaniat Singh

Story & Screenplay: Dheeraj Rattan

Music by: Arjunaa Harjai, Jaidev Kumar and PropheC

Releasing date: 17th March 2017

Jindua Movie Trailer

From Songs to acting, Jindua is complete package

‘Jindua’ is a complete package of entertainment, be it acting or music, locations or dialogues it will just woe the heart of the audiences. The movie takes the audience in a roller coaster ride of feeling from love to hate, pain to hurt.

Even the music and songs of ‘Jindua’ movie are the perfect blend of traditional and urban music. Chal Jindua is a song that gives the traditional taste and has been voiced by Ranjit Bawa and Jasmine Sandlas, whereas Dholna song is a romantic number that has been sung by Prabh Gill. Neha Kakkar has also recorded her voice for the peppy number ‘Beauty Parlor’ in Jindua.

Navaniat Singh has also directed many movies in Punjabi that has been loved by the audience like Mel Karade Rabba, Singh Vs Kaur and much more. One more time he has come up with another romantic movie as ‘Jindua’ that will be featured at theatres near you on 17th March 2017.


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