Jio Launches 309 Plan Again With Some Changes | Know What Has Changed & Other Plan of Jio

After removing the 309 plan from the list a week ago, Now Reliance Jio has again launched the 309 plan. The 309 plan is listed on the company website. This time the Jio 349 plan is launched with few changes. To recall a week ago Jio revised all plans and introduced some new plans. That time Jio updated the 399 plan which is among the best plans of Jio and removed out the 309 plan. But now Jio again launched the 309 plan. Check here the full details of Jio 309 plan.

Jio 309 Plan Details – 49GB Data + Unlimited Calls

All new Jio 309 plan now comes with 49 days validity. Under the new Jio 309 plan, Jio is giving free unlimited calls including roaming outgoing calls and incoming calls. Jio is giving 49GB high-speed data in the Jio 309 plan. The daily FUP(Fair Usage Policy) in Jio 309 plan is 1GB. After the usage of daily high-speed 4G data in Jio 309 plan, the speed of the internet comes down to 64 kbps. The data remains free if a user will use his daily high-speed data. If a user wants high-speed data he/she have to recharge the number with vouchers or add-ons. The 309 of Jio also comes with 300 SMS. The validity of the 309 plan of Jio is 49 days.

Jio 399 Plan, 459 plan & 499 Plan Details

Last week, Jio updated the 399 plan too. The 399 plan of the Jio is replaced by 459 plan of Jio. The 399 plan of Jio is still on the list but now with 70 days validity instead of 84 days. The three months plan of Jio is Jio 499 plan. The validity of Jio 499 plan id 91 days, the validity of Jio 459 plan is 84 days and validity of 399 plan is 70 days. Under the 399 plan of Jio, Jio is giving 70GB high-speed data, In plan 459 Jio is giving 70GB high-speed data and in 499 plan, Jio is giving 91GB high-speed data. All calls are free in all plans of Jio. And after the daily data usage, the speed of data is reduced to 64 kbps. Calls are totally free and there is no charge towards the voice and data usage. If a user wants 3 months pack of Jio then 499 pack of Jio is the best option.

Quick Overview of the Plans of Jio – All Details

Jio 19 Plan – 1 day validity with 0.15GB Data
Jio 52 Plan – 7 days validity with 1.05GB Data
Jio 98 Plan – 14 days validity with 2.1GB Data
Jio 149 Plan – 28 days validity with 4.2GB Data
Jio 309 Plan – 49 days validity with 49GB Data
Jio 399 Plan – 70 days validity with 70GB Data
Jio 459 Plan – 84 days validity with 84GB Data
Jio 499 Plan – 91 days validity with 91GB Data
Jio 509 Plan – 49 days validity with 98GB Data
Jio 799 Plan – 28 days validity with 84GB Data
Jio 999 Plan – 90 days validity with 60GB Data (No Daily Limit)
Jio 1999 Plan – 180 Days validity with 125GB Data (No Daily Limit)
Jio 4999 Plan – 360 days validity with 350GB Data (No Daily Limit)
Jio 9999 Plan – 360 days validity with 750GB Data (No Daily Limit)



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