Jio 4G Dhan Dhana Dhan Plan Will Continue for Next 3 Months With Rs.399

If you are a Jio 4G user and your plan i.e Summer Surprise or Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan offer is going to end this month and you are worried about what to do next, then here is a good news for you. There is no need to worry about all because  Jio has announced new plans. All the old plans are revised and new plans are also added to the list. Minimum recharge amount is still Rs.19 and maximum recharge amount is also still Rs.9999. But there are few plans that have added to the list of plans of Jio 4G. New plans of Rs.349 and Rs.399 have been added to the list and the plans launched at the time of Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan offer are still there but now with different validity.

New Reliance Jio 4G Prepaid Plans

The new plans announced by Jio are official and are listed on the company website. The company has come up with two different plans. Here are the new plans launched by Jio.

Jio 4G Plan 349

This plan is the new 4G plan launched by Jio. Under this plan, you will get a validity of 56 days. Voice calling is free to anywhere in India. Roaming is also free and outgoing calls on roaming is free too. But the main thing is the internet, it is also free but high-speed 4G data is only 20GB (10+10) for 56 days.  There is no daily fair usage [policy on this plan and you can use all the data anytime. But after consuming 20GB high-speed 4G data your speed will reduce to 128kbps.

Plan 399 by Jio 4G

This plan is better than the plan 349. This plan comes with a validity of 84 days. And it includes 84GB 4G high-speed data with 1GB per day usage. After the consumption of 1GB per day, high-speed data speed will reduce to 128kbps. So this plan is good when compared with the new plan 349.

Here are the details of All Jio Plans

Plan Calling Data Validity
Plan Rs.19 Free 200MB 1 day
Plan Rs.49 Free 600MB 3 days
Plan Rs.96 Free Unlimited(1GB per day) 7 days
Plan Rs.149 Free 2GB 28 days
Plan Rs.309 Free Unlimited(1GB per day) 56 days
Plan Rs.349 Free 20GB 56 days
Plan Rs.399 Free Unlimited(1GB per day) 84 days
Plan Rs.509 Free Unlimited(2GB per day) 56 days
Plan Rs.999 Free 90GB 90 days
Plan Rs.1999 Free 155GB 120 days
Plan Rs.4999 Free 380GB 210 days
Plan Rs.9999 Free 780GB 390 days

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