Jio DTH Booking is Fraud: Scammers Asking Pre Booking Amount For A Device That Doesn’t Exist

The Scam might be bigger than you think since you're sharing your bank details

Jio DTH has been one of the most awaited services in the country right now as the customers expect the company to disrupt the market like they did in the telecom sector. After the launch of Jio’s 4G services customers in India have gotten used to at least 1GB data per day while payinone-fifthth of the prices than before. Now the people expect them to do the same in the television industry especially after the rumors of JIO DTH services started doing the rounds on the web. Well we aren’t sure if the telecom giant is entering the DTH industry as of now but what we do know is that the Jio set top box that is selling is nothing but a scam.

A Fraudulent Website Is Asking To Pre Book The Jio DTH Set Top Box

While the launch of JIO DTH services was highly anticipated, a lot of customers weren’t actually surprised to see a website pre booking the device. The identical layout of the webpage to the official JIO website made things look more trust worthy. Like the Freedom 251 Scam last year the customers were asked to pre book the JIO DTH set top box for a feeble sum of 10 Rupees. Since the amount was so small a lot of customers never actually minded taking the risk even after things looked fishy.

However, the JIO DTH set top box fraud might be bigger than one thinks it is. Customers who pre booked the device from the shady website not only lost their money but also ended up sharing their bank details. This makes the issue a whole lot bigger than it actually seems. Before the JIO DTH scam we have seen at least a dozen scams including the sale of Aadhar details which put your hard earned money in your bank at risk.

Putting the money at risk was also the flash sale ideology that some companies have adopted which make the customer to click on buy now without trusting the source button. The JIO DTH frauds took the same approach and offered only the first 1,000 customers to pre book the device for 10 Rupees. It is still unclear if it was a gimmick or the scam affected only the first 1,000 people looking to buy the Reliance JIO DTH Set Top Box.

Reliance JIO DTH Might Not Launch Anytime Soon

The news of Mukesh Ambani owned company launching the Reliance JIO DTH set top box have been doing the rounds for almost a year now but there has been no official word on the same. While a lot of news organizations claim that the company spokespersons have denied the device ever existed, some other claim to have seen the Reliance JIO DTH set top box in flesh. A video on popular video streaming website also surfaced which apparently unboxed the set top box.

If the device ever comes to life then experts believe it will come with internet content as well. The Reliance JIO DTH device will be a hybrid set top box (similar to Airtel Smart Dish) which will let you stream content from services like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hooq and more.


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