Jio Fiber Plans Accidentally Revealed | Free 100 GB Data at 100 Mbps for 3 Months

Reliance Jio broadband now, to offer new Jio Fiber plan giving 100 GB per month at 100 Mbps for 3 months. Recently Jio website accidentally revealed the details of its upcoming Jio Fiber Plans. According to the sources, there was Reddit user behind the leak, who shared screenshots of the location where Jio Fiber is planning to launch the plans initially.

Although according to the latest update, the Jio Website has locked all the information and has made the URL inaccessible. But, as we all are familiar with the fact that, on the Internet, nothing gets permanently deleted. Here in this article we, will share some interesting details about the upcoming Jio Fiber Plan that is all set to set up a new broadband history in the Indian market.

Jio to Launch Revolutionary Jio Fiber Data Plan in India

Recently, there were a lot of rumors about the launch of the new Jio Fiber Plans in India. This news got into fire with the accidental release of the plan’s details including the location on the official website of Jio.  Although as of now, the official website has blocked the information and URL but, once the news got into wind, it has been highlighting on the Internet. Here, are the details of the Jio Fiber Plan.

Jio Fiber Plan | Leak Details 

After the big hit of Jio, Jio is all set to launch its all new Jio Fiber Plan in India. Jio Fiber Plan is going to offer the revolutionary world-class services that too free of charge. As per the content that was leaked earlier on the website, Jio Fiber Plan will offer 100GB of data at the speed of 100Mbps and that too free for 3 months. The leaked information also contains the information of security deposit of 4500/-, that can change later.

Jio Fiber Plan | Leaked Location Details 

As per the leaked screenshot by the Reddit user Normil, it is leaked that the new Jio Fiber Plan is going to be launched initially in the cities like Ahmedabad, Delhi, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Surat, Mumbai, Vadodara and Vishakhapatnam. This information is just a rumor and the list of the cities can be increased or decreased when the actual launch happen.

Mesh of Routers under the cities to be set 

For the new plan of Jio to execute, the Jio is installing a custom router under each of the complex and localities where it is planning the launch of the Jio Fiber Plan. In the details, it was also mentioned that in case the user intends to use their own router the amount of security deposit can significantly reduce.

There is no official announcement of the Jio Fiber Plan by the company itself. The news is still awaited and is not official. Although with the release of this Jio Fiber plan the history of the data plans is definitely going to bring a revolutionary change.

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