Delivery of all 6 Million Jio Phones To be Completed before Diwali by Reliance

An advance diwali gift is on its way for the Indian people who ordered the jio 4G phone. Jio just announced that the deliveries of the jio phone will be completed by diwali. Jio has already tasted success by having 100 million paid subscribers  in just one year of launch. The JIO 4G phone is basically a feature phone with 4G connectivity and basic smart features. India is the third largest smartphone market in the world however they are mostly seen in the urban areas. To bridge the gap between the rural and the urban people JIO launched this low cost JIO 4G phone.

Unique features:

The JIO phone comes with all the JIO apps preinstalled like JIO tv app and  JIO music. It will also include a special connector which will connect the phone to the tv for viewing the JIO tv app on the large screen. It will enable free volte calls to the rural population without the need of an expensive 4G smartphone.

Price in India:

The JIO phone is priced at 1500 INR was available for pre booking on the initial payment of 500 INR and the remaining sum was to be paid at the time of the delivery. The phone is essentially free since the whole sum of 1500 is returned if you wish to return the phone after three years.


The bookings of the JIO phone started in august when the phone was announced. According to JIO a total of 6 million bookings have been accepted by JIO. The next phase of booking will start shortly.

Deliveries of the JIO 4G phone by diwali:

A spokesperson from JIO announced that all the total deliveries of the JIO 4G phone will be made before diwali. The focus of deliveries would be in the rural areas as compared to the urban counterparts.

Track your JIO phone delivery:

You can check the status of your JIO phone by using the my JIO app or the ivr method.

Inside the my JIO  app there is a “Manage Booking” option. Open the app and check that option. If your JIO Phone is on the way, you should see the details here.

Or you can 18008908900 from the number you provided JIO while booking the JIO Phone. Your number will be automatically identified and the status of your JIO Phone will be told to you.


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