Reliance Jio Triple Cashback Offer | Here’s How The Triple Cashback Offer of Jio Works for 399 Recharge

Ater launching various schemes, Now Reliance Jio has announced Triple Cashback Offer. The Triple Cashback scheme of Reliance Jio is applicable for every recharge of 399 or above 399. Under the Triple Cashback Scheme of Reliance Jio, Jio is giving benefits up to Rs.2,599 to all customers who recharge their Jio 4G number with 399 or above. So What is Reliance Jio Triple Cashback Scheme? How Triple Cashback Offer of Jio Works? How to get Cashback of Rs.2,599 in Jio Triple Cashback Offer?

These are the few questions that come to mind after knowing that Jio is giving a cashback of Rs.2,599 under the Jio Triple Cashback Scheme/Offer. Here are the full details of Jio Triple Cashback Offer. Check it out, this will surely help you to know what this Jio Triple Cashback Offer is.

What is Jio Triple Cashback Offer and How To get The Jio Cashback

The first thing that is to understand is What is Jio Triple Cashback Offer? Jio Triple Cashback Offer is the latest offer launched by Reliance Jio. Under the Jio triple Cashback offer, Reliance Jio is giving cashback up to Rs.2,599. All users of Jio must keep this in mind that the Triple cashback offer of Jio is only valid for Jio prime members. The Offer is valid from November 10 to November 25, 2017. Customers who will recharge their Jio number in between this period will get all the benefits of Jio Triple Cashback Offer.

What You Will Get In Jio Triple Cashback Offer

Now What you will get in the form of Jio triple Cashback Offer? First, you have to recharge your number with a recharge of 399 or above. After a successful recharge, you will get a 100% cashback on the Jio recharge of 399 or above. The 100% cashback will be credited to your account in the form of vouchers. For example, if you recharge your number with 399 then total 8 vouchers will be credited to your account of worth Rs.50 each.

Next on AJIO, fashion Portal, users will get extra 399 off on the purchase of Rs.1500 at ajio.  All prime members will get discount of Rs.1000 on any domestic flight booking if they book their ticket via Please note that Rs.1000 discount on Domestic flight is applicable on round trip. For one side there is a discount of Rs.500.
Reliance Jio Customers will get 500 discount if they shop on Reliance Trends. This offer is under the Reliance Jio triple Cashback Offer.

Jio Triple Cashback Offer: How To Use Jio Vouchers

After a successful recharge of 399 under the Jio Triple cashback offer, customers will get 8 vouchers of Rs.50 each as a cashback. This vouchers will directly be credited to the My Jio App. If you want to check the vouchers they can be checked in the My Jio App. These vouchers can be used for further recharges but after November 15. Please Note that to use these vouchers you will have to recharge your number via My Jio App.



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