Joyita Mondal India’s First Transgender Judge | Here’s Her Journey From Money Collection to Adjudication

Joyita Mahi Mondal (29) becomes the first Indian transgender judge at the Lok Adalat in Islampur of North Dinajpur district, North Bengal.  Ever since the  Supreme Court has recognized the LGBT community as the ‘third gender’ of the Indian society, the transgenders have gained recognition and respect in the society. They are getting admissions in colleges and vocational training institutes while the government of India is also aiming at providing them with some permanent jobs.

The recently appointed judge, Joyita Mondal is happy that now she has a respectable job and she doesn’t have to go dancing, begging and collecting money at marriages and on the birth of anyone’s child.

Joyita Mondal appointed as Judge Lok Adalat

A born hijra (transgender), Joyita Mondal, throughout her life has experienced, discrimination and biased treatment by the society. She is now at least happy that people coming to her court for adjudication, no more see her down as a transgender but they respect her and her decisions. Initially, people coming to her Lok Adalat looked at her with surprise but none gave her hatred. In fact, Joyita Mondal now enjoys being called as sir or ma’am in her courtroom.

By far, Joyita Mondal has disposed off four petty cases in her Lok Adalat including tenant-landlord dispute and settlement of bank loans and defaulters. The transgender Joyita Mondal who is now a judge is accompanied by three more judges who co-operate and assist her at the time of adjudication.

Transgender Joyita Mondal’s academic qualification

Talking about the academic qualification of the transgender judge, Joyita Mondal, she is a history honours graduate from the Kolkata’s Netaji  Nagar College. Joyita Mondal who has now been appointed as Lok Adalat judge at the Islampur of North Dinajpur district, North Bengal was never the same, how she is today. She along with others just like her were treated as untouchables and made fun of her character and attributes. She was deprived of the equal rights in the society.

Though Joyita Mondal is getting very nominal remunerations now, she is happy with the challenges that life has thrown at her. She is happy and is India’s first proud transgender judge at the Lok Adalat.



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