Jung song Rapper Young Zwann says “Money Doesn’t Buy Success”

The Hip-Hop genre has created quite a buzz a lot of artists have come forward and the genre is being recognized widely in India. Recently Rapper Young Zwann released his debut rap song Jung produced by Amaal Mallik. Young Zwann who always had a comfortable life says Money Doesn’t Buy Success.

He shared how difficult it was for him to get his first break ” I started writing this track and started versing it out. Although I have lived a comfortable life but it didn’t make anything easy for me. I came to Mumbai and had to go through the struggle. I believe that every person, whether rich or poor, goes through the same test and ultimately, it’s about the talent, and what one makes of themselves. So, this is what inspired me to make this song. With the song, I want to convey the message that it doesn’t matter whether you start off rich or poor, the ultimate struggle is with oneself, and how one makes the best of themselves. It’s one’s talent that makes them worthy, not the money. Money doesn’t buy success”

The video of the song is produced by Shiva Maheshwari and features Young Zwann and RamRiddlz who is a Toronto based International Rapper. Young Zwann even spoke about why he shared this song on his YouTube channel and not on another label.

He said “I released the song on my own Youtube channel because I wanted to build my audience from scratch. I didn’t want a pre-existing audience to get into my music. I wanted my own audience from day one as I wanted to give a pure, unadulterated perspective to the audience, without any prerequisites”

Young Zwann is also a great supporter of independent music, and he’d love to support other independent hip hop artists and would like to work with them.


Ajay Deep

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