Kalka-Chandigarh-New-Delhi Shatabdi: 1st train to get Wi-Fi

Kalka-Chandigarh-New-Delhi Shatabdi will be the first train of India to get Wi-Fi facility. This was revealed by Neeraj Bansal, Chief Public Relations Officer of Northern Railways. Train number 12006 and 12005 will be the first to get wi-fi.

The work to make the Chandigarh Delhi Shatabdi completely Wi-Fi has already stared and a company by the name Railtel Corporation is currently testing the services.

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How Wi-Fi will work in Trains?

If you are thinking that the strength of wifi in trains will be poor then you are wrong. The wi-fi will work as broadband. The connection selected for Shatabdi trains will have 4 Mbps of download speed and 512 Kbps of upload speed. This download speed is very good and will provide uninterrupted service.

  • World class Equipment developed by ISRO (India Space and Research Organization) will be set up in power car of the train.
  • This equipment will catch the signals from an Indian satellite.
  • Wi-Fi routers will be provided outside of each train coach, which will get direct wi-fi signals from the power car of the train.
  • Indoor access points will be set up inside each train coach to distribute the wi-fi signals.

How Chandigarh-New-Delhi Shatabdi passengers can use Wi-Fi?

  • Registration will be required using the passenger’s mobile number.
  • PNR number will also be required for using wi-fi in Kalka-Chandgarh-New-Delhi Shatabdi train.
  • Once the PNR number gets validated, a login id and password will be sent to users through an SMS on the provided number.
  • This username and password will only remain valid for the journey duration.

According to the plan of Indian Railways, all major trains will be provided with free internet connectivity (wi-fi) on the go, so that passengers can be connected to high speed internet while travelling. Rajdhani Express and Shatabdi’s will be given a preference for this project. The other train which will soon get wi-fi includes Delhi- Ahmedabad-New-Delhi Rajdhani Express.

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