Kapil Sharma | Our Desi Munda Will Soon Be Flying Abroad For a Hollywood Comedy Series

Kapil Sharma has confirmed that he is turning his way towards Hollywood real soon. After being a great success in India, Kapil Sharma is now to bring the joy of laughter on the International Platform. Entitles as the best comedian has now been approached for the Hollywood comedy show. It was not too long ago when after setting his foot on the Indian Television, Kapil Sharma took a step forward towards the big screen. Kapil Sharma played the lead in Kis Kis Ko Pyaar Karun and is going to release his new movie Firangi soon.

Kapil Sharma Confirmed that He Might be Going Hollywood Soon

When Kapil Sharma was asked about the rumors about him going Hollywood, he said that this is true. He has an offer from the Hollywood for a comedy series and is thinking about signing it. After he has proved himself as a star comedian in India, now our Punjabi Munda is ready to fly to Hollywood to spread joy among people.

Rajiv Dhingra, the director of the upcoming movie of Kapil Sharma when asked about this word floating around, he said that it is all true and the offer is on the table for Kapil Sharma to grab. Apparently, the offer has come from the company names ‘Bad Mamas’. He also revealed that they are planning to make a comedy series that might be named ‘Comedy curry’ and this is the project that they want Kapil Sharma for.

According to the Rajiv Dhingra, they are planning to visit the company and will take a decision after understanding the complete concept of the show. On asked Kapil Sharma was thrilled about the offer that Big Mamas company has put on the table for him and he said, once the decision is made he will let everyone know. It seems like Kapil Sharma is going to make his first Hollywood entry with the great comedy series. Yes, it is true that no decision has been made yet it is a big break for Kapil Sharma to climb up the ladder.

For now, Kapil Sharma is working dedicatedly on his upcoming period comedy ‘Firangi’. Let’s see if Our Desi Munda will Fly Abroad to put a smile on everyone’s’ face there or not.


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