Kapil Sharma’s Abusive Tweets Show His Anger & It’s Not Good | Here’s What May Happen

In a recent Twitter update, abusive tweets were formulated from comedian Kapil Sharma's account which were deleted later on.

As soon as the verdict on Salman Khan’s Court Case was announced, many actors from the Film Industry took to their social media handles to extend their support towards the actor, comedian Kapil Sharma being one of them. A series of tweets from comedian turned actor Kapil Sharma’s account were initially formulated and were deleted later on. As per the reports, his account was hacked whereas, some others claim that it was the Comedian himself who wrote the tweets and confirmed the same.

Kapil Sharma Posts Abusive Tweets 

The famous television comedian Kapil Sharma who was off from television for a while recently returned with his new show, ‘Family Time With Kapil Sharma’. Post his entry, Kapil Sharma ended up experiencing negative limelight all thanks to the abusive tweets which were recently formulated from his official Twitter account.

Kapil Sharma was seen going on a rampage which was followed by a series of tweets which contained abusive language for a media house for creating news which is negative as well as fake. The tweets were deleted. This was followed by another tweet from his account claiming his account to be hacked which too was deleted. Another tweet came into the picture from Kapil’s account which claimed that the account was not hacked.

As it is said that a coin has two sides, this situation too has two possibilities. One is that in actual terms, the account of Comedian Kapil Sharma got hacked and the abusive tweets were formulated and the second being that he actually went for an abusive rampage on Twitter tweets from his account which were deleted later on.

Kapil Sharma’s Stardom Downfall?

The beginning of Kapil Sharma’s era was a remarkable one when people were bored of the typical saas-bahu dramas which were being portrayed on every television channel. ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’ was a grand hit which used to air on ColorsTV which lead to a gradual clash in 2016. After this tiff, Kapil Sharma along with his team moved to Sony TV and a new show, ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ was presented to the public which enjoyed the love of people in the beginning but the TRPs started to get affected when fights in between the team members became a common sight and Kapil Sharma started to lose his Midas Touch.

Kapil Sharma is known to have experienced emotional issues because of false and negative publicity. He has been subject to professional counselling as well as medication. Currently, Kapil is hosting his new show ‘Family Time With Kapil Sharma’. We wish that none of his past comes into the picture again and he manages to remain the darling of television comedy.

Source: Business Standard


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