A-Kay’s Latest Punjabi Song Along With Manj Musik ‘Gangster Look’ | Official Video

A-Kay is back with his latest Punjabi song called ‘Gangster Look’ along with Manj Musik. He has been one of the sought-after artists in the Punjabi music industry for a while now and this is his highly awaited collaboration with UK producer Manj Musik. A-Kay’s latest Punjabi song resonates with his previous hits and yet sounds so different.

A-Kay’s latest Punjabi song ‘Gangster Look’ might be the most different thing he has down

If we ever talk about someone who has always tried to break the stereotype and done something different each time we can arguably agree that the name is A-Kay. With each of his latest Punjabi songs he comes out and does something completely different but ‘Gangster Look’ with Manj Musik might be his most daring attempt to date. The latest Punjabi song sounds very different and has a very urban beat.

The song is written by A-Kay himself and might not be among his best penned ones but what this one will be remembered for is the beat by UK based producer Manj Musik. Manj was the mind behind Bhangra music group RDB which fell apart after the death of one of the brothers Kuli. His beat on A-Kay’s latest Punjabi song is refreshing and nothing like we might have heard before. The music of ‘Gangster Look’ by Manj Musik is in line with major Hip-Hop productions internationally. Don’t be surprised if you find the song being played in every second club you visit this winter.

The video of A-Kay’s latest Punjabi song ‘Gangster Look’ is already trending on YouTube

A-Kay has been the trendsetter when it comes to his videos and his latest song Gangster Look is no different. The video of his Manj Musik collaboration is directed by Gurdas Media works along with Director Birdi and is absolute delight to watch. The video features both A-Kay and Manj Musik who are seen shaking a leg to the Bhangra beat. The latest Punjabi song Gangster Look is available to download at most major streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, Saavn, Google Play Music and Wynk Music. Watch the full video below:


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