Kevin Petersen: What the IPL Means to Me

For Kevin, IPL is a platform to learn and grow among some of the greatest players in cricket. “The GREATS” as he likes to call them. How they played and approached every aspect of the game, how did they handle every situation and everything? 

Speaking to Betway, Petersen said that the owners of the teams are just here to drain their money. If they have spent millions of dollars on a player, they expect them to perform. There is pressure and added responsibilities. As a captain, there is added pressure to perform and lead some of the best players from India. 

And when it comes to being a captain, there isn’t much that Kevin could talk about. All he could do is strategically place the players in the right position is what he could do here. 

And when it comes to Kohli, Petersen was sure that this guy is destined to make his mark in the history of Indian cricket. The way Virat approached the game, his dedication to taking his team forward is just fantastic. 

No matter how many times they have played against each other, Kevin and Virat have a great camaraderie. As per Kevin, the reason for this is the way he has supported Virat to be the best at his game. 

India is a country where Cricket is a religion, and the cricketers are practically worshipped here. This sort of forced Kevin to stay with his team all the time. Eating, playing, traveling, everything is done together. 

Indian Premier League has changed the face of 20-20 cricket today. Atmosphere wise India is the most fabulous place to watch a game of cricket. Every stadium in the country is packed during the IPL. The whole environment is captivating and gripping with enthusiasm and a high spirit all around.


Ajay Deep

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