Khana Khazana, Sector 38, Chandigarh | Menu, Cost, Cuisines & Reviews

Khana khazana located in Sector 38 of Chandigarh is not a treasure of gold and jewels but a khazana of taste, flavor and richness. This restaurant or we should say a takeaway counter is quite popular among residents of Sector 38 and nearby areas.

In case you want to sit back at home and cook nothing, or, you want to eat at home without the sophistication that is otherwise a mandatory exercise at a restaurant, Khana Khazana might be the ultimate option. This place is a small outlet which will, I am sure, make you go there again and again. And as they say, eating is a necessity but cooking is an art.

Take a good look at the essentials!

Cost of Food:

For two people, the food might cost somewhere around Rs. 550. This includes a complete meal lunch or dinner with your favourite dishes.

Cuisines at Khana Khazana:

The restaurant offers North Indian and Chinese food. Be it the gravies with a blend of every possible spice or the breads cooked with pure love, the restaurant will redefine the food you eat. Most people have already made it their one stop shop for all their food cravings on days they decide to skip their fitness regimes by avoiding authentic food.


Khana Khazana is open from 11 to 11. So even if you feel hungry right after the usual dinner time, Khana Khazana will be waiting to deliver quality food.


  • Flavorful food
  • Quick home delivery
  • Hygienic food
  • Well cooked snacks

Khana Khazana

Khana Khazana, Chandigarh

Address: Shop No. 1004, Sector 38 West, Chandigarh.

Contact: 0172-2693638

Menu: Click Here

They also offer home delivery.


The major drawback every customer has stated is the unavailability of dine-in option. They do not have any seating.

Khana Khazana Restaurant Reviews:

For most people who reside in and around Sector 38 call this place as a lifeline in a crisis like situation. Their Dal Makhni is something everybody loves, irrespective of being a vegetarian or non vegetarian. In fact, even their paneer is so well cooked and flavorful that probably every person who orders food adds it to his menu. Being a small outlet, this place has a faster rolling of its food which implies that the food is completely hygienic and dishes are made afresh each day.

The food is adequately priced and the quantity offered is also commensurate with the price. Students or office goers who reside in PGs in the vicinity usually offer food from here to take a break from the monotony of tiffin services. So for all those who wish to try good food or are too tired to burn the stove at home, Khana Khazana is THE deal for you.

We hope you will soon mesmerize yourself with the food at Khana Khazana.


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