Kia Motors New Kia K900 – Will it come to India? Here’s All We Know So Far

Kia K900 or Kia K9 in some markets makes little sense for India right now

Kia K900 pictures have emerged on the internet and the car has taken everyone by surprise. The massive flagship sedan will be showcased at the New York Auto Show which is scheduled to start on March 28. The Korean company that is still to debut in India showcased some of its products at the Auto Expo in February but unfortunately the luxury sedan Kia K900 wasn’t one of them.

This is probably because India is a market for value for money buyer than the luxury buyer if the volumes are any indication. And in a country where it has no presence at all showcasing the vehicle made little to no sense. However, once the brand establishes itself in the coming five or seven years maybe we will get the Kia K900 or K9.

Does The Kia K900 Make Sense For India?

Well yes and no! The Kia K900 comes from a brand that was unheard of in the country before last month. But like many believe the Auto Expo is one hell of a platform for automakers to gather hype for their products and that is exactly what happened for Kia. The products that the Korean company showcased at the event had to resonate with the Indian audiences and that’s why the Kia K900 didn’t make it there.

The current portfolio that Kia is expected to bring in India is similar to the Hyundai cars that are already present in the country and have been doing extremely well. The Kia K900 competes with the likes of German luxury cars that have been in the country for decades and have managed to create a strong foothold for themselves. Kia on the other hand will try to start things small for now at least that’s what we believe. So maybe after 7-8 years when people trust the brand Kia K900 will make sense for India.

Features of Kia K900 Luxury Sedan

The Kia K900 is a much more premium car and is aimed at the same buyer that is looking to own an Audi or BMW. Frankly its minimized cuts and creases make it look very sophisticated sometimes even making a Maybach uncomfortable. The car that will get an update very soon is expected to carry a 3.3-litre twin turbo V-6 engine that will make a whopping 356Bhp of power. Kia K9 might also get a 5.0-litre V8 engine that produces 42Bhp.


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