Chandigarh Gets it’s 1st Mini Football Stadium “Kickstart” With Pay n Play Concept

It’s 10 minutes to 7’o clock on a Saturday evening. Yuvan and his group of friends have been looking forward to this hour the whole week. No, they aren’t waiting to go to a regular club for drinks in Chandigarh, but a club of another kind — Kickstart Football Club. They will get out on the lush green turf at the club and sweat it out with a five-on-five football match for 60 minutes. And yet, you thought you knew all about the evening fun in Chandigarh.

Pay n Play is a new concept in the game of soccer where you can come and play with your friends or family on an enclosed Mini Football Ground. Such a facility is situated at The British School, Sector-44  B, Chandigarh with world class infrastructure – Kickstart.

KickStart Mini Footbal Stadium in Chandigarh

KickStart Chandigarh

Address: The British School, Sector 44 B, Chandigarh.

Contact: 8437009050, 8556946946.

Timings: 6 AM to 11 PM.


About KickStart, Chandigarh

Kickstart mini stadium in Sector 44 Chandigarh is open from 6 AM to 11 PM and enthusiasts are charged by the hour. There are a handful of academies for soccer in the city but they only provide coaching. Though Kickstart provides coaching too, but at the same time they are open for “Pay & Plays”,  Corporate events, Tournaments, & Parties.

Pay and Play in KickStart, Chandigarh will cost around Rs. 1200 per hour for 10 people. They also provide coaching to the age group of 5-19 years, that will cost approx Rs. 2000 per month.

USP of KickStart Stadium, Chandigarh

It is not always possible to play outdoor games in the street in Chandigarh. Some or the other thing will surely stop you to play on the road, be it traffic or weather. From now onwards, no one can stop you to play outdoor, not even the weather because KickStart is all set to give you a chance to play anytime in Chandigarh.

  • Play in all weather
  • Safe to play
  • FIFA & UEFA approved Astro Turf
  • Rubber granules
  • 5 A Side
  • Covered 360º by Net
  • Non-Stop playing
  • Music and Projector
  • Cafeteria
  • Flood Lights
  • Practice Space

It’s time for Chandigarhians to shine like stars in the sport like football and challenge the world with their talent. Give your career a KickStart with one of its kind startup in the city beautiful Chandigarh. Shape your career with an International game like football and stand out to be the best in it.

Minds behind KickStart, Chandigarh

With the vision of promoting healthy lifetsyle, Kickstart Football Turf in Chandigarh has been launched by Mr. Gunjeet Sodhi and Mr Sahil Mahajan. Partnering together, these entrepreneurs have given people of tricity, a perfect facility to play, stay fit, socialize and most of all- a healthy alternative to clubs, cafes & restaurants. The field of the stadium is installed with FIFA & UEFA approved Astro Turf, which has been imported from the U.S. (United States).


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