Kittybee Chandigarh | An App For Your Kitty Parties

A new mobile app dedicated to women who love kitty parties has been launched in Chandigarh. Adding to the list of start ups in Chandigarh, Kittybee is a unique concept that caters to all the needs of organising a kitty party. Kittybee, which is an app is considered to boon to all the social butterflies in town as it will make your kitty parties more happening and enjoyable.

Socialising is one of the favourite time pass for the women of Chandigarh, but sometimes it happens that you forget something out of it. Kittybee app is all set to help you to organise your kitty parties and keep a track of all the arrangements for the get-together.

Details of Kittybee, Chandigarh

Kitty Bee App, Chandigarh

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About Kittybee

Kittybee is an undertaking of a start up company named as ‘Boolean Venture Private Limited’. As one of the ambitious project, kittybee just seeks to facilitate the formation and management of Kitty groups via mobiles. The app of kittybee helps the women of Chandigarh to make most of their social circle and groups.

Kittybee app is one such online platform that addresses social need of modern women. Among so many mobile apps not a single one is available for the women to manage their social circle, kittybee has come up with the solution that takes care of it all.

Features of Kittybee app

Kittybee have it all, whatever women loves for their kitty in Chandigarh. Be it chatting or great deals and events, kittybee app offers everything that is a women loves to do.

  • Kitty diary- It is very difficult to maintain a kitty diary. Kittybee app offers a virtual diary that will assist you in managing all the things that will make your kitty a memorable one without any hassle.
  • Bee Chat- Kittybee app also allows you to connect with each and every member of your kitty with its bee chat feature. One can chat, share pictures, gossip and do lot more with an outstanding feature of an amazing app.
  • Kitty rules- Every kitty has some rules and regulations that has to be followed by its members. With kitty rules feature in kittybee app, one can also formulate kitty regulations like punctuality, dress codes, payments etc and can broadcast it amongst the all kitty members through the app.
  • Kitty group- One women not only stick to only 1 kitty group and it is very difficult to communicate in different groups at a time. Kittybee app has made it easier to communicate with different kitty groups all at the same time.
  • Discover deals- Kittybee also provides huge discount and deals on venues, cabs, boutiques, salon and much more in Chandigarh to all members of the kittybee app.
  • Heads up- The amazing kittybee app also alerts its members regarding the events, exhibitions, fairs and much more happening in the city beautiful Chandigarh.
  • Invite- The registered customer of the kittybee app can also send invites to her phone-book contact to download and experience the hussle free ‘Kittybee app’.
  • Notes- The queen of all app, kittybee offers a central channel to communicate through its personal notes feature. Notes can also be shared with the different kitty members and one can also keep the track of it with the kittybee app.
  • My kitty- My kitty feature in the kittybee app will not let you forget any of the dates of the kitty. One can mark the kitty dates in the personal calendar to avoid the date and time clashes of different kitty parties in Chandigarh.
  • Pop up- Kittybee app is the entire world wrapped around your fingers. It not only keep you updated with your kitty parties but it will also update you with the latest fashion trends, delicious recipes and much more.

From now onwards, keep your kitty on your finger tips, with the queen of all the app ‘Kittybee’, that is only related to the Chandigarh women.


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