Know How Edtech Startups Are Boosting India’s Digital Education And Careers

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Let us look at some headlines given by edtech firms:

“Edtech firms on a hiring spree.”

“Seven leading edtech startups- Byju’s, Talentedge, upGrad, Unacademy, Simplilearn, Udemy, and Scaler–plan to nearly double their total headcount in 2021 to make the most of the pandemic-induced boom in online classes.”

“Edtech firms go on hiring binge”

These are just a few of many headlines hitting the news portals for job openings in the edtech sector. The post-pandemic boom in the edtech industry job market is still going on with those companies on a hiring spree to enable them in launching new products and expand into newer markets.

The leading edtech companies mentioned above are planning to hire 12600 to 13000 employees in 2021, thereby escalating their headcount by 93-96%, as per the data provided by The Economic Times.

Moreover, there is around a 30-200% increase in individual hiring in these firms. Given the acceleration created by the pandemic towards online learning and these firms believe that the growth momentum is continuing this year as well.

This article will let you know how to get yourself hired with a PMP certification on your resume. 

The Way of Education Redefined

Though online training providers were already there with the necessary tools, methodologies, and essential expertise to provide proper education, they got limited acceptance. These virtual organizations, apart from providing a coherent method of narrowing the skill gap, also provide essential support to traditional education institutions in transitioning to all new ways of education in the virtual world.

Have a look at a headline from The Hindu,

“With the global pandemic increasing digitization, ed-tech startups have revamped the way, India studies, learns, and grows”.

With the increase in adoption during the year 2020-2021, edtech services and products are expected to observe enormous growth by 2025. Investors also are interested in and aware of the big potential of this industry. The edtech sector in India received around USD 2.2 billion funding in 2020, which is four times more than that in 2019 (USD 553 million), as per the data provided by the Indian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (IVCA) and PGA labs. 

The CEO of Simplilearn, Krishna Kumar said that Bengaluru-based online bootcamp and certification course providers are planning to add more than 500 employees where there are already 1400 plus team members as it continues to observe great interest in learning programs from individuals, industries, and even government agencies. 

With Digital learning, students have got round-the-clock access to learning tutorials, resources, and experienced tutors. All you need is a smartphone and Internet connection to acquire new skills, hone the existing ones and that being in the comfort zone of their homes. 

The edtech firms also provide liberty to customize study material and qualifications according to the requirements of learners which enables a student to identify their strengths and weaknesses, along with tracking their ongoing progress. 

Edtech platforms are utilizing technologies like AR (Augmented Reality), VR(Virtual Reality), Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning to provide teaching strategies that are dynamic. 

But the issues are…

The transition to online learning has augmented cyber-risks due to the insufficient security of networks and very less public awareness. 

Moreover, despite smartphone and internet connectivity, there is a need for a better connection, especially in remote areas. 

Every organization is required to dictate sound management principles and must always be prepared with risk management strategies and project management so as to ensure that the tech-based learning solutions are efficient and reliable.

To meet these requirements you need efficient, trained, and skilled project managers to make the learning experience hassle-free and risk-free. Hires are happening for multiple roles including project managers, skilled educators, at senior as well as supporting job roles.

PMP (Project Management Professionals) Certification

Regardless of your IT role, a project management certification is capable of adding value to your role. You can find skilled and trained people behind every successful project. From continual security patches to hardware and software upgrades, from application development to ascending software, project managers keep the tasks and teams productive.

There are many project management certifications you can pursue, but let us discuss a certification that is regarded as a gold standard among those. That is Project Management Professional Certification. It is a rigorous test that covers exactly everything you are required to prove your skills and knowledge in managing the three constraints namely time, scope, and cost. 

The parent organization of PMP is Project Management Institute (PMI) that works continuously with academics and businesses to ensure that the certification credential is relevant and up to date. The professionals who earn the PMP certification can meet global project management standards and are associated with other PMPs across the globe. PMPs are able to bring formalized training examined knowledge that provides employers with serenity as they know that their project managers are confined to PMI’s stringent uniform standards. 

The PMP certification offers a potential for growth, a rewarding career, a salary boost, and greater flexibility. On average, PMP salaries are 20% greater than those of non-certified project management professionals, as per a survey conducted by PMI’s ninth edition salary. 


The digital transformation observed by the educational tech sector will enable the new virtual space of learning from home after the pandemic and also opens the door to new jobs across the globe with hiring going up to as high as 200%.

Did you know that nearly two out of five professionals fail their first attempt at the PMP certification exam? If you wish to pass the certification exam on the first attempt, take a smart decision and enrol yourself in an online training institute.

The training goes in an easy and trouble-free manner with the flexibility of learning hours. 

Learn from your comfort zone, get free life-time access to the study material and learn from industry experts who ensure that you are prepared in-and-out with the course by registering yourself in an online training course from an accredited institute.

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