And Now There’s a Flight From Chandigarh Int Airport to Kullu in Himachal Pradesh

First test flight of Air India from Kullu, touched the grounds of Chandigarh International Airport yesterday on 5th October 2017. With this flight successfully arriving in Chandigarh, now the valley of gods is connected to Chandigarh and Delhi via Air.

Kullu – Chandigarh – Delhi Flight

After the inauguration of the flight by Union Minister J.P Nadda, this Air India Test Flight took of the Bhuntar Airport at around 8:35 AM. This flight successfully landed in Chandigarh and took off for Kullu again at 9:50 AM hence, establishing a clear air link between the two cities.

Air India Connecting Kullu to Delhi Via Chandigarh

After the successful landing of a 72-seater aircraft by Air India in Chandigarh International Airport, the air link between Kullu, Delhi and Chandigarh has been officially developed. The test flight took off from the Bhuntar Airport in Kullu at 8:35 AM and returned from Chandigarh International Airport at 9:50 AM. After the development of the Chandigarh International Airport there have been extensive changes going on in the flight schedule of airways in India.

Being one of the major tourist destinations, air connection between Kullu, Delhi, and Chandigarh will definitely profit the tourism. This air connectivity of Kullu with the two prominent states of India will not only increase the local tourism of the city, but will also increase the number of international tourists.

The Kullu to Chandigarh Daily Flight Schedule PlannedĀ 

After the establishment of the air link between Kullu-Chandigarh-Delhi, the flight schedule for the same flight came out. This flight is going to operate on all days of the week and the time taken by the flight from Kullu-Chandigarh or Chandigarh-Kullu is 45 minutes. The one-way ticket price set for this flight is Rs.4,500.

The flight is destined to land to Bhuntar Airport that is 45 km away from the valley of Gods “Kullu”. The time card for the flight has been released. So, What are you waiting for? Now, you don’t have to travel for 7 hours to reach the valley of Gods, all it is going to take now is 45 min, Chandigarh.

Source – Hindustan Times


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