Lahoriye Box Office Collection (Day 1 Till Date) – India & International

Punjabi movie ‘Lahoriye’ breaks all the records of box office collection at domestic as well as international level. With its worldwide release that happened on May 12, 2017, Lahoriye has broken all the records being the first punjabi pollywood movie to carve a niche for itself in the international Punjabi movie industry.

Lahoriye’s first weekend opening business simply ruled the punjabi crowd spread over the entire world to attract them to their punjabi roots via the punjabi film Lahoriye. Fetching good amount of screens in New Zealand and Australia, the punjabi movie Lahoriye released last week did phenomenally well as the box office collection reveals it all.

Lahoriye’s Box Office Domestic Collection

As far as domestic collection is concerned, Amrinder Gill starrer Lahoriye left no stone un-turned to mesmerise and woo the audience to watch the movie this weekend. With its massive release opening up opportunities for many, the movie has become the big spinner for the collections post its release in the year 2017 in just two days of its release.

The response was positive by many in terms of people who watched the movie owing to great fan following of Amrinder Gill in Punjab and the world. The Domestic Box Office Collection of Lahoriye proved to be head turner for the people who devoted their blood and sweat in the making of the amazing punjabi movie Lahoriye which got released on May 12, 2017.

Lahoriye International Box Office Collection 

Punjabis are widespread round the globe and its a fact that do miss their roots. What could be better for them living in a distant land for earning bread and staying connected to their roots via these Punjabi movies that give them a dose of nostalgia for a moment.  With its worldwide release conquering the hearts of Punjabis residing in Australia and New Zealand, the box office collection within two days of its release within the first weekend was soaringly high and astonishingly the fact amuses us all.

Lahoriye’s Box Office Collection – Data Reveals

Here are the details as to how much money our very own Punjabi movie ‘Lahoriye’ minted with its success over the weekend.

  • A huge sum of $15253 was collected even before the release on the Thursday preview in New Zealand.
  • Similarly, the collection in Australia pre-release amounted to be around $31431 which is whopping indeed
  • The Day 2 collection in NZ was $23800 and in Australia was $70399 which is superbly phenomenal
  • The fabulous Day 3 collection at domestic and overseas box office simply nailed it in the film industry
  • Day 3 in NZ marked $31023 while in Australia reached the mark of $219762 which is manifold
  • Individual collections may fluctuate but when combined, its astonishingly amusing at the international market’
  • Combined three day collection of Punjabi movie Lahoriye stands at INR 30.92 Lac in New Zealand
  • In Australia the collection reached the mark of INR 1.04 Crore which is insanely huge.

Fetching good amount of screens in New Zealand and Australia, the punjabi movie Lahoriye released last week did phenomenally well as the box office collection reveals it all. Their individual and combined collections simply leave us to think as to how much awaited and sough after these Punjabi movies are at the end of the day for the punjabi crowd in the world outside Punjab. Catering to their entertainment needs, we wish the movie all the success to break more such records and rule our hearts!


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