Lahoriye Punjabi Movie (All Songs) Amrinder Gill – Official Videos

Lahoriye is a new Punjabi movie that has got some awesome songs. Amrinder Gill & Sargun Metha are the lead cast in the movie and most of the songs of Lahoriye have been sung by Amrinder Gill himself.

Lahoriye Movie – All Songs

The Punjabi movie Lahoriye has a total of 5 songs. All songs were released with their official videos on Youtube before the release of the movie on 12th May, 2017. The list of all songs of Lahoriye along with their official video has been given below. You may click on Play button

If you wish to down all songs of Lahoriye in mp3 version, then simply scroll down to the free download section.


The song Akhar from the movie Lahoriye has been sung by Amrinder Gill while lyrics have been written by Surinder Sadhpuri.

The main line of the song is – Tere naa de akhar ne.

Akhar was the first song from the movie Lahoriye that went viral. Click play to watch the video and enjoy.

Jeeondean Ch

The second song from Lahoriye that was loved by Amrinder Gill’s fans has been Jeeondean Ch. This song has been sung by Amrinder Gill and is basically from the girl’s side.

Lyrics of this Lahoriye song have been written by Fateh Shergill. The main line of the song is – Sachi ohdon jeeondean ch huni aan.

Paani Ravi Da

This Lahoriye song is a bit slow as compared to other songs but has got a meaningful place in the movie. Paani Ravi Da is a duet song that has been sung by Amrinder Gill and Neha Bhasin.


Janjhan jandiyan je hundiyan Lahore nu, aake Chandigarh gehriyan kyoun marde. This Lahoriye song is one of the best song of the movie. Maybe because it has the word Chandigarh in it. Just kidding. But on a serious note, Janjhan song from Lahoriye has got maximum views.

Jhanjan is the most rocking song of Lahoriye with excellent music. Click play below to watch the official video.


The main line of this song from Lahoriye movie is – Chunni ch lako na haan diye
Ni chann chaddeya rehnde. Click play below to watch the official video.

Lahoriye Movie all Songs MP3 Download

All songs of Lahoriye movie are so cool that almost everyone would love to have these as MP3 version and listen to them as and when wished. In such case, you may buy the original CD of Lahoriye songs or listen to them on Youtube.

You can download these Lahoriye songs on Youtube and hey will be saved in your Youtube account for offline access.

If you still want to have the MP 3 of Lahoriye movie songs, then we would suggest you to listen these songs online on sites like Gaana, GeetMP3, etc. Or else you may find Lahoriye songs mp3 on popular Punjabi websites like Mr-Jatt.

Bonus Song of Lahoriye

Akhar song from the movie Lahoriye has also got a female version. It is Nimrat Khaira who has sung the female version of Akhar song for Lahoriye. The lyrics of the song are same but the earlier song was sung by Amrinder Gill and this one has been sung by Nimrat Khaira.

This is a bonus song in the movie Lahoriye.

Which is your best song from this list of all Lahoriye songs?

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