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Lahoriye reviews are out and you’ll be excited to know that its a super awesome Punjabi movie that released on 12th May 2017. The lead roles in lahoriye – Amrinder Gill & Sargun Mehta are simply stunning. People from the Punjabi community in India, Canada, Australia, Pakistan and other countries were eagerly waiting to see this new Punjabi movie Lahoriye.

After the movie ‘Angrej’ in 2016, the jodi of Amrinder Gill and Sargun Mehta has once again rocked the silver screen with their performance in ‘Lahoriye’. The newly released Punjabi movie Lahoriye, as per reviews has left a great impact on the audience, be it the acting, music, direction, songs or the storyline. Everything about Lahoriye movie is just perfect.

The well-known scriptwriter of Punjabi film industry Amberdeep Singh has turned Director for the movie ‘Lahoriye’. Reviews suggest that he has done a great job as a director. Not only the concept of the movie ‘Lahoriye’, but the music, dialogues and acting have also gained a positive review from the audience. Scroll down to read Lahoriye review and movie story.

Story of Lahoriye Movie

According to the reviews of Lahoriye movie, the story of this Punjabi film is based on a romantic drama, that too from acroos India – Pakistan border. The story of Lahoriye depicts 2 young lovers, who are separated due to India-Pakistan separation in 1947.

As per Lahoriye review, Amrinder Gill and Sargun Mehta stay in a small village in Punjab and loved each other, but due to India – Pakistan separation, they have to live on either side of the border. Amrinder and Sargun love has been tested with the rising tension of both the families due to boundaries. The punjabi movie Lahoriye tells a story of seperation and how it impacted these lovers.

Lahoriye shows how both the lovers fought for their love with their families and whether they choose to be together or sacrifice their love for the sake of families? In order to find out the answers for these questions, reading Lahoriye review or knowing the story is not enough. The acting of all star cast in Lahoriye is superb.

Lahoriye Cast – Amrinder Gill & Others

Cast & Crew of Lahoriye Movie

Starring:  Sargun Mehta, Amrinder Gill, Nimrat Khaira, Yuvraj Hans, Sardar Sohi, Guggu Gill, Rajiv Thakur, Nirmal Rishi, Hobby Dhaliwal and many more.

Director: Amberdeep Singh

Produced by: Amberdeep Singh and Karaj Gill

Story by: Amberdeep Singh

Music: Jatinder Shah

Releasing date: 12th May 2017

Lahoriye Movie – Official Trailer

Before going for the newly released Punjabi film ‘Lahoriye’, have a look at the trailer. Even the trailer of the Punjabi movie ‘Lahoriye’ got good reviews on Youtube.

The trailer is just a sneak peek of the movie. As per reviews of Lahoriye, the movie has ample to offer.

Songs of the Movie ‘Lahoriye’

Along with movie review of ‘Lahoriye’, music reviews are also good because all the songs of the Punjabi movie have a perfect blend of great music, lyrics and acting. Each and every song of ‘Lahoriye’ movie has deep meaning and that will really touch your heart.

  • Akhar (Singer- Amrinder Gill)
  • Janjhan (Singer- Gurpreet Maan)
  • Jeeondean Ch (Singer-Amrinder Gill)
  • Chunni (Singer- Amrinder Gill)
  • Paani Ravi Da (Singer- Neha Bhasin, Amrinder Gill)

All the songs of Punjabi movie ‘Lahoriye’ have been penned by various talented lyricists like- Surinder Sadhpuri, Mann Hundal, Fateh Shergill, Preet Mangat, and Harmanjeet.

New Punjabi Movie – ‘Lahoriye’ Review

As we talk about the review of this latest Punjabi movie, we will give Lahoriye a star rating of 4 out of 5. Amrinder Gill, Sargun Mehta and all the other actors have performed at their best in the movie. Famous scriptwriter of Punjabi industry, who wrote stories of the movies like Angrej, Disco Singh and many more has done great direction in Lahoriye. All in all, Lahoriye is a must watch. It has got anexcellent scenario of Punjab during Independence.

Book your tickets now and do comment your reviews upon the movie ‘Lahoriye’.

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