LALA Anthony Enjoys GoPuff Munchies on Set

Starlett, Lala Anthony, had a serious sweet tooth on set in Chicago. The actress was seen ordering vegan peanut butter cups from UnReal, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, ”Half Baked” and makeup remover wipes. Website and app delivery platform, goPuff, was used to easily place an on-demand order. The platform features 3,000 products from tobacco products to gluten-free chips. 

Fear-no-surge pricing! GoPuff has a set service price of $1.95 which makes it the perfect service to use during rush-hour or at 2 am. Most delivery services change their fee depending on the time of day or popularity. The simplicity of goPuff is what made it popular around the US.  The app is available in many cities 24/7 or at least open until 2am. Some cities also supply alcohol delivery as well. 

The go-food delivery app is frequently used by professional athletes James Harden and Danny Green while they are on the road traveling from game to game.

Even superstar music artists like Meek Mill use go-Puff for their on-tour needs for snacking, beauty and wellness.  Recently, celebs like Lizzo, Travis Scott, Card b, Andersonn Paak who headlined Jay-Z’s Made in America festival, were all treated to all their snacking needs at thegoPuff pop-up!

Within 3 minutes, a goPuff account can be created and an order placed to service areas from simply going onto their website and browsing through their variety of useful and tasty products. goPuff currently features a selection of over 3000 products from pain relief medication and even cleaning supplies.

GoPuff has central warehouse facilities where the goodies are distributed directly to thee to the consumer. With 24-hour service options seven-days-a-week, in the bigger markets, goPuff is a convenient and easy way to get snacks delivered at any time. Most markets behold noon to 4:30 am time window that makes it ideal for late-night sweet cravings.

The founders of the online store started from humble beginnings. In 2013, during their sophomore year, Rafeal Ilishayev and Yakir Gola were only twenty years old when they were inspired to start goPuff. The pair attended Drexel University in Philadelphia where they discovered that college students do not have time to waste. The need for an on-demand delivery app came from realizing that much of their studying time was broken up by making runs to the store for snacks and essentials. Starting small, the young-men would skip their classes by using the excuse of using the bathroom to go out around campus on deliveries. Both founders are now seen lecturing on their campus and teaching students like they once were about becoming entrepreneurs. 

Gola commented, “Rafael and I started the business with a small selection of convenience products and, after immediate interest on campus, we realized that the convenience store industry needed to be turned on its head. People no longer considered the convenience store to be convenient, and we felt we had found the way to revolutionize that space.”

With the need in mind, the young business partners began developing their app ideas in the back of their business notebooks. They spent day and night developing the app and eventually delivering their own goodies around campus in their Plymouth Voyager and needless-to-say, the business expanded.

Half a decade later, the duo has GoPuff in 90 markets and nearly 1000 employees. GoPuff is unlike any other on-demand delivery service, there are no surge fees and a flat service fee of a humble $1.95. Average delivery takes around thirty minutes to receive to your doorstep.

The young founders have been featured in Forbes in 2017 “30 Under 30” and Target Magazine’s “Target Marketer of the Year.” With all of this attention to marketing, they have also hosted a pop-up at the Made in America Festival on August 31- September 1 in Philadelphia.

Studying long-nights or like LaLa Anthony’s set-delivery, goPuff makes anything accessible in a convenient way and eradicates the need for a third-party-pickup. With goPuff’s “Back to School” tour encouraging students to spend more time studying and with friends than making trips to and from stores for essentials and pick-me-ups. The goPuff app boasts a mascot that is a pufferfish. There is no doubt that goPuff satisfies even the sweetest of cravings. 


Ajay Deep

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