Land Based vs Online Casino: All Pros & Cons

People have always been interested in gambling entertainment, but with the introduction of online casinos, the popularity of such content has raised to a whole new level. Land based casinos become less attractive for wide audience of players. But are they really that bad compared to online analogs? By reading articles from, Indian players will find out if they need to spend their rupees in online casino or choose land-based institution instead. Let’s take a look at what each type has to offer for players.

Why people started to prefer online casinos instead of classic institutions?

First major casino games became available on the internet in the early 2000s. Back then it was hard to imagine that people would spend a lot of time playing games on personal computers or smartphones. Slots are still more popular than any other kind of a game presented online. The reason why online casinos began to displace traditional institutions lies in simplicity. It is much more convenient for modern people to play games via standard browser than waste a lot of time looking for a good enough institution on the streets of their city. Besides, some cities do not have a responsible enough casino. That is the reason why people start searching for websites with their favorite gambling products other than wasting a lot of time for nothing.

What benefits do land based casinos have over websites?

It should be mentioned that online casino is not the best choice in all terms. There are a couple of substantial benefits of playing games in real-life institutions, other than enjoying games online. First of all — no need to go through the verification process. For example, when the player wants to play some poker on the website, he will need to spend a lot of time to register an account and verifying himself as a real person to withdraw cash. In case of land based casinos, the gaming process is much simpler. The player will only need to spend a couple of minutes to buy chips and start making bets. This version of starting off may be much more convenient for experienced players, who have never used online casinos before and just want to spend a couple of hours playing their favorite games without leaving personal information on themselves on the internet.

Anonymity is another reason on why some people still play games in land based casinos. To play games on gambling websites, gamblers need to fulfil a couple of requirements:

  • complete the registration process;
  • verify themselves by sending copies of ID card;
  • read terms and conditions;
  • remember minimum and maximum deposit/withdraw limits.

It is not that hard to follow such rules, but some people just do not feel comfortable about the idea that they need to go through all of these processes in each casino they visit online. But in case of land based it is also very important to find safe enough institution, as some may be very dangerous for the player. It is recommended to look for a casino with good enough reputation.

Do online casinos leave up to the hype?

Online casinos do have their benefits over predecessors. First of all — the player can easily find good enough information on everything about specific gambling website on the internet. The gambler can be sure that he would not be scammed, if he will dedicate enough time searching for details on what license particular casino has, what is the gambling law in a particular country, etc.

The gambler should be prepared for surprises, as the content in online casinos is far more varied than in case of limited land-based casinos. Another reason to look for gambling websites is the fact that the player is able to play games at any moment. There is no more need in playing slot machines on personal computers only. It is possible to perfectly enjoy games whenever the player would like to, thanks to smartphones and official applications from top online casinos. There are zero problems with making bets on the go. The modern user is always able to access his favorite games, no matter in what country he is currently live.

What types of games can be played in online and land-based casinos?

There is actually not that much of difference between online and land-based casinos in terms of games that they offer, as they give the player almost identical experience. The only thing that should be mentioned — the gambler should wisely choose a certain online casino to play games, as some may offer live casino. These kinds of games are very expensive in terms of production, but they give much more emotionally rich experience than any other kind of a game.

A huge benefit of online casinos is that they always become better in terms of comfort and diversity of games. The player will be able to find literally everything he has ever wanted to see in gambling, as developers are always experimenting in delivering never-before-seen fidelity and immersion. It is the kind of a reason why the player is able to even experience VR casinos. The reason why these games are possible is people’s demand. Gamblers are always interested in something different. Players would like to enjoy games that would feel as immersive, as it is possible. That is why live casinos are much more interesting for users than simple slot machines. When people see the real dealer on the other side of the screen, they feel like they are not alone in that room. It feels like they are part of something bigger than their own self and that is the reason why they want to play such games.

On the other hand, land-based casinos are not that diverse in terms of games. The player can find classic slot machines, roulette, poker and other table games with real-life dealers. For the most of the time, the gambler will need to stick with standard games. But what is the saddest aspect of old-fashioned institutions is that the player would not be allowed to choose a specific slot machine to play. It would not be possible to simply to choose another directory with games. If a certain slot is not presented in a specific online casino, then it would not be possible to access it, while playing games in land-based casino. This limitation stops most people from entering old-fashioned institutions. They prefer the comfort of their own home, rather than dedicating a lot of effort to find a nice near-by casino with good enough selection of games.

Is it possible to stick with only one type of a casino in 21st century?

Every player needs to choose his type of casino that would fit him best in terms of games collection, visual presentation and special bonuses. It is impossible to say which type of gambling institution is better as they all have their own benefits. It is more about playing games and not wasting a lot of time on choosing a correct casino. That is why it is important to forget about casino arguing. Those who prefer classics and just want to relax by playing random games and meet a couple of nice people in the evening, should look for a near-by casino in their city. For all others, online casinos will be enough to fully explore the quality of modern gambling products. There are no reasons for the gambler to limit himself with a particular kind of a game, when there is a chance to experience table games, slot machines, VR and much more. It all depends on what the player would like to get in the process. It is recommended to read more information on certain casinos and stick with those that fit the everyday life of a player.


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