Chandigarh Landlord Barges into Girl’s Room | Gets Arrested For Assault – Here’s What Happened

In a strange news from Chandigarh, a landlord was arrested on charges of assault when he tried to enter unannounced in a Girl’s flat. The identified Davinder Singh is a 65-year-old retired bank employee of Chandigarh and has been accused of sexual harassment by the tenant. The Chandigarh landlord who lives in sector 48 had rented out a flat in sector 49 to the compliant girl.

What actually happened in sector 49 Chandigarh?

The Chandigarh landlord went to the flat without communicating with the woman. The woman was having a few female visitors from Delhi. The friends of the girl were apparently sleeping under a blanket and the accused tried to forcefully remove it. The girls were not properly dressed and hence were humiliated. They pressed charges against the landlord in sector 49 police station, Chandigarh. The accused is facing charges to disrobe a woman forcefully.

Case registered against the Chandigarh landlord.

The compliant girl is the tenant of the accused and lived in sector 49 Chandigarh. The landlord tendered an apology. However, the women pressed charges against the Chandigarh Landlord. The landlord was arrested under Sections 354-B (assault or criminal force against a woman with intent to disrobe her) and 452 (house-trespass after preparations for hurt, assault or wrongful restraint) of the Indian Penal Code in sector 49 police station, Chandigarh.


Source: Tribune


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