Massive Landslide in Shimla, Cars Buried, Traffic Diverted | Watch Video

A massive landslide in Shimla has left several residents houseless! The recent landslide that happened yesterday has buried several vehicles under the debris while a few were washed away by the massive force of the debris. The landslide in Shimla has also not only damaged an old temple in Shimla but it also damaged several houses in its vicinity.

Landslide In Shimla, alert administration saved lives

According to reports, no loss of life was reported due to the massive landslide that happened in Shimla on the Shimla-Dhalli bypass. It was all because an alert administration that no report of loss of life was reported as the administration had already alerted the department and it had stopped the traffic flow on both sides of slide point anticipating the landslide.

Why did the landslide happen?

According to reports, Shimla has been witnessing heavy rainfall since last week. The heavy downpour since Friday morning triggered the landslide at Dhalli in Shimla. According to sources, boulders had started scudding down from the hillock before the main slide occurred! It was reported that the hurtling had started around 15-20 minutes before the main landslide happened. This period gave an alert administration the time to stop the vehicular traffic on the busy road due to which massive damage was controlled.

The video is scary

It has been reported that nearly half a dozen vehicles were damaged in the landslide that were marked along the road, next to Dhalli traffic tunnel. The news of the hurtling stones spread in the area like a forest fire and people who witnessed the massive landslide made live videos of the landslide in Shimla that went viral on social media and social networking applications.

In the video, one can see the traffic that has been stopped on both the sides. The white car, supposedly a Maruti Suzuki Ritz is also seen in the video flying in the air after being hit by the powerful and massive landslide.

Road closed, Traffic Diverted!

Immediately after the landslide happened, officials from the district administration, fire department and police reached the spot in Shimla and commenced clearing the debris from the road. A large pile of debris gathered on the road following the landslide due to which traffic was diverted. The police diverted the traffic from Shimla and nearby destinations via Sanjauli.

This is not the first landslide in the state in this season. It was reported that 46 people were killed and several were injured in a similar landslide last month on the Mandi-Pathankot national highway. Two government-run buses were also buried after the huge landslide. This huge landslide was triggered by a cloudburst

Source: Times of India


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