Leading on Four Legs: Betting on Greyhound Racing at PariPesa

Greyhound racing is a somewhat unusual but incredibly exciting betting market. It is quite popular among sports gambling enthusiasts in India. For greyhound racing live betting, many people choose PariPesa. Everyone can experience emotions and gain new impressions here, as well as win substantial money. And this is quite simple to do, the main thing is to study the issue in detail.

So, let’s figure out what makes betting on greyhound racing so attractive. We will also further discuss strategies for achieving success in this exciting entertainment.

A Few Secrets to a Successful Bet

Greyhounds, especially English greyhounds, participate in greyhound racing. This competition is good for dogs capable of reaching the highest possible speed over short distances. But how to choose the future winner?

Remember that in bets on greyhound racing, the human factor is minimized (unlike, for example, in horse racing, where half the success depends on the jockey). Beginners need to consider several factors to make the right decision.

  • Distance and class of races. The higher the class of the race, the more serious the competition. Study how an individual dog performs at different distances.
  • Box number. Consider whether your favorite will run in the outer or inner circle. Running in an inner circle minimizes the likelihood of collisions with other race participants. Some dogs, on the contrary, run more confidently in the outer circle.
  • Intervals between runs. This factor depends on the physical form of the greyhound. If a dog participates in three races apart, there is a risk that the animal will not perform well in each subsequent race because the frequency is too high. It is important that the trainer can realistically assess the dog’s capabilities.
  • Weather. In sunny weather, the chances of favorites increase. And in rainy weather, outsiders have a chance to take advantage of the misfires of more experienced participants.

Once you understand the strategies that increase your chances of success, find out what bets are available on greyhound racing.

Types of Bets on Greyhound Racing

A wide choice is available to you:

  • Win only – bet on the winner (1st place).
  • Place only – a bet on a dog that will take one of the first two places.
  • Forecast – for 2 leaders, and it is necessary to accurately determine the order in which they will finish.
  • Trio or Triffecta and Supertriffecta – the same rules, but for 3 and 4 dogs.
  • Combination bets – choose 4 dogs, 2 of which must take the first 2 places.
  • Two twists – the same Forecast, but without determining the sequence of winners.
  • The Plum – a complicated Forecast, because you need to guess 2 winners in 2 races in a row. If both predictions come true, the bet wins.
  • The Duella – the same, but without predicting the winning sequence.
  • Show – guess one dog that will be among the three winners.
  • Lay – the dog that was bet on should NOT come first.

We have tried to briefly outline the main nuances of successful bets on dog racing. If you are interested in this exciting activity, most likely you will have a lot of additional questions. Experts from PariPesa support service are ready to help you on any issue.

Good luck and exciting emotions to you from every race! Bet and win on the PariPesa platform!



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