Leena Bhushan – The Women Who Can Make You Shine With Her Creativity on Your Precious Day

Most important day of bridal life is fill with sheer joy when she looks stunning and natural which makes her happy not only because it’s her day but she also knows she is the most beautiful woman today because of her Looks and that is only possible when you find a makeup artist who is much more than photographer and gives you look which is natural and beautiful and we know one who can do this its Leena Bhushan.
Leena’s amazing skill of bringing out women’s natural beauty through makeup application has made her famous around Delhi, Noida and many places. She is a high profile Makeup artist.
Leena Bhushan is a true example of what Indian women can do when she plans to do something in life. She is a wife, a mother, and a business women founder of Face stories near Noida.
Leena Bhushan loves her work it’s her passion. She wants her Bridal to look Happy and gives fresh, unique and exceptional makeup and hairstyling services for WEDDINGS, SPECIAL OCCASIONS.
She has also provided MAKEUP LESSONS as well as PROFESSIONAL TRAINING with Kiko Milano team which is a famous brand. Videos are available on YouTube.
Her talent, passion, dedication and hard work have made her much in demand for weddings. She is also very active and famous on Social platform where we can a lot of photos and videos provided by her which are stunning,
Leena’s skill of creating the most natural & flawless makeup gives Bridal most beautiful version of herself which is recognized at many places in Delhi, Noida and other places.
One of her client review for her was the best definition anyone can give for Leena Bhushan which was “Leena Bhushan can transform anyone and make Bridal look stunning on her day. I have been her client and I have seen her how beautifully she works”.
Than other one Sakshi Nanda the super cool bride who is famous for Dancing on her day you can see her on youtube and on Leena Bhusan page (www.instagram.com/p/Bf8pYtJnoKs/) a very famous video and came in many articles too which gave Leena Bhushan and her Sakshi big fame and it also shows how Leena Bhushan makes her clients comfortable.
Instagram, youtube and Facebook is a useful tool and Leena bhusan use it perfectly she has posted her work portfolio on her Instagram, youtube Facebook and Twitter you can see her previous bridal work.
Once you scroll down her work you will surely fall in love with her work and will definitely like to meet her for your event.
You can also get the idea of her choice which is commendable and classy too she uses best makeup tools for Bridal as she believes in quality she uses premier make up products and brands such as Anastasia, Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder, Kiko, MAC, Armani, Sephora and many more. This is a perfect way to tell clients what her taste is and why she is becoming so famous in a short time in her life.
Leena Bhushan Face stories YOU’LL GET…
Natural and Personal Style: Radiant complexion, gorgeous colours and lightweight textures in all the right places which will give you perfect Natural Look
Make your Hair look Wow:  whatever is the face you will get a stunning and refined look from Face Stories
Look Younger: They know how to how to make you FEEL AS GOOD AS YOU LOOK – for them age is just number.
Finest customer service: They provide friendly and 24*7 service for clients where ever you are they will make your day memorable with their work.
Pricing: They offer affordable prices which gives benefit to all who wants Leena Bhusan work.


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