Lesser Known Study Abroad Destinations for Indian Medical Students

When it comes to education in foreign countries, Indian students seldom consider any other country apart from the popular European nations and the United States Of America. These countries are among the fast developing countries in the world right now and have become hot favorites for Indians to migrate for education, training, and jobs. These lesser-known countries have now reached a better stage of development and growth due to strategic investments from time to time. Be it in the business sector, health sector or most importantly the education sector all these investments have proven to be beneficial for the economy of these countries. These countries are truly improving their national education standards very progressively. They have introduced leading educational methodologies and highly respected education providers who have fulfilled their jobs of teaching a comprehensive curriculum impeccably.

Countries like Georgia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, etc. are highly dedicated to improving education standards on a national level. The Governments of these countries invested heavily in the setting up of national Universities which are now attracting a lot of foreign student’s crowd as well. The Medical Universities of these countries are hot favorites in today’s time for the higher studies and many Indian students prefer these countries over other popular choices. Even the technical education institutions of these countries are gaining popularity today. But despite their size and popularity, these countries have amazing opportunities for all disciplines and careers.


For having a successful study tenure in these so-called lesser-known countries, you must first do the right assessment of yourself. This means, that you rightfully assess your strengths and weaknesses and then jot down the medical colleges whose curriculum matches of interest. Accordingly, choose the MBBS course that you want to pursue and then pinpoint the Universities that offer those courses as per your expectations. Along with choosing the course that you find suitable for your interests, you must also assess carefully the location of the Universities offering these courses. Being small countries, the lifestyles, style of teaching and other factors are very much variable all across these countries.


One of the most preferred choice among foreign students coming to Nepal is the study of medicine. Indian students are going to Nepal in large numbers to pursue MBBS because it is cheap and has the same curriculum as that of India.

The living expenses in Ukraine are less and are moreover similar to that exist in India. The Indian diaspora in Ukraine is also quite large. 


Belarus has risen to the occasion when it comes to higher education. They have established National Universities and inducted esteemed teaching faculties from all across the world to teach at these Universities. 


Russia has been home to large Indian Diaspora for years now. People have emigrated to Russia for education and in search of jobs and many have touched the heights of success while living in Russia. Russian courses are in demand at this time as well. Russian Universities are known to offer excellent Vocational training Courses that are preferred by Indian students. Nowadays, students who want to pursue medicine are also migrating to Russia for pursuing MBBS. Recently, the MBBS in Russia has gained popularity as a course among Indians. Indian students are going to Russia in large numbers to pursue MBBS because it is affordable and has the same curriculum as that of India.


Poland is among the most peaceful countries in the world and is considered as a sea of opportunities as well. Just like in the case of Australia Indian people have emigrated to Poland for education and in search of jobs and many have been leading a successful life while living in Poland. Courses offered by Poland Universities are in demand at this time as well. Poland is home to top Universities of the World. National Medical University in Poland has been ranked highly in the count of the World’s best higher education institutions.


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