LG V30 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 | Where To Put Your Money?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been in the market for a while now and continues to be the most premium Android smart phone in India. However, LG has been consistently launching some serious smart phones with exceptional off the chart features and this time around it brings to India the LG V30 Plus. We pitch the two phones against each other to see if the LG V30 Plus really has what it takes to overthrow the reign of Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

LG V30 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Display and Looks

The V30 Plus is the most premium device ever built by LG and that shows since it has gotten back to using OLED displays in its flagship devices now. The V30 Plus gets a 6.0-inch QuadHD OLED display as compared to Samsung’s 6.3-inch Super AMOLED QuadHD panel on the Note 8. The Note 8 also looks gorgeous thanks to the edge to edge display. The Note 8 has the best display we have ever seen on a smart phone and it wins this round against the V30 Plus hands down.

LG V30 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Performance

The V30 Plus gets a top of the line Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Processor which is the best Soc in the market right now and coupled to the 4GB of RAM, the performance is smooth as butter. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 gets 6GB RAM coupled to the same Snapdragon 835 processor from the LG V30 Plus but what most of the people do not know out there is that the Samsung flagships in India do not come with the 835 Soc but instead use an in house Exynos 8895 which is frankly not near as powerful as the Snapdragon counterpart.

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LG V30 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Camera

Both the flagships from LG and Samsung some with dual rear cameras however they are drastically different in approach. The V30 Plus gets a dual 16MP pair with the secondary being used for wide angle zoom whereas the Note 8 has a dual 12MP setup with a telephoto lens on board. Here too the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 trumps the LG V30 Plus with optical image stabilisation on both the lenses. However, it is a matter of personal choice if you use the secondary lens for more detail as on the Note 8 or for wide angle pictures on the V30 Plus.

LG V30 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Price

The LG V30 Plus was launched in India earlier this week with a price tag of 44,990 Rupees whereas the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 goes for roughly 64,900 Rupees on Amazon. For something that costs 20,000 Rupees lesser with approximately same features and better performance the V30 Plus makes a lot of sense over the Note 8. All you have to ask yourself is that the S-Pen worth an extra 20,000 Rupees?

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