Link Aadhaar Card with Flight Tickets From 2018 For Easy & Fast Boardings – Know Details

By 2018, one can link their Aadhaar number with their flight tickets to board flights quickly. This feature is going to be implemented under the ‘Digi-Yatra’ scheme of the AAI that is Airport Authority of India. With many upcoming changes in India with the motto of converting the ‘Digital-India’ vision into reality, AAI has also penned down the scheme to help people board flights quickly using their Aadhaar Card number.

Under this scheme, domestic flyers who link their flight ticket with Aadhaar card number will be given the privilege to step to boarding gate directly. This programme is going to be implemented soon in the three airports in India first in the coming year of 2018. The three airports that will get this feature includes the airport located at Kolkata, Ahmebadad, and Vijaywada.

How this Aadhaar Number Linking With Air Ticket will Work 

Modi Sarkar is really working on bringing a Digital revolution in the country. The vision of the ‘Digi-yatra’ is soon to bring forth the tested theory of Aadhaar number linked with Air Tickets to make a quick entry at Airports. All the domestic users will now enjoy the quick boarding in the upcoming year of 2018. This system is very simple and has been tested. In this system, the Aadhaar based system will be installed at Airport which will contain the biometric database of citizens.

Using this system a person will just have to use his or her biometrics at the airport to prove his or her identity. Once, the system picks up the biometrics the officials will be displayed the details of the linked flights and airport details on the screen, according to which the boarding pass will be prepared and the person will be directed to the nearest boarding gate at Airport.

How Linking Aadhaar Number with Air Ticket will Help

One can follow these simple steps to link their Aadhaar number with the Air Ticket. Firstly, one should enter the Aadhaar number while booking the air ticket. At airport entry, there will be an e-gate that will read the tickets bar code and information along with Aadhaar number. After the system authenticates the traveler through his or her biometric. Only and only on successful authentication, the e-gate will open. This process will not only make it easier for the passengers but will also reduce the possibility of human error. With the implementation of this process, the boarding will become quicker and easier.

Source – Indiatimes 


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