Singapore Style Lion Safari is Coming to Chandigarh’s Chattbir Zoo & We’re Delighted

Chandigarh, the place known for its class-apart styles and standards has come with another star idea in the show. Mahendra Chaudhary zoological park, Chhatbir popularly known as ‘Chhatbir zoo’ will now have its lion safari in ‘Singapore style’. This safari will be built wholy solely on the lines of Singapore Night safari.

How the Idea Initiated

An idea floated by UT administrator V.P. Singh Badnore saying the commencement of a lion safari based on the lines of Singapore night safari is under implementation which according to sources, he has already discussed with the zoo authorities on his visit. MP Singh, an adviser to badnore has also claimed to have asked the UT administration and forest departments about the idea of implementing this idea as soon as possible. A suitable place is being searched out for carrying out the same along with a working idea of how to go forward with actually implementing the project. A permission has also been given to the officials to visit Singapore and experience the Night Safari there in order to get a bigger and a clearer picture to bring the same experience to Chandigarh.

Lion Safari at Chattbir Zoo

Punjab Wildlife department is all set with its ideas and insights about carrying out the work. The department’s perspective is that a large amount of forest land is available at Chhatbir zoo which can be utilized for carrying out the safari, according to sources. This setup is almost good to go but officials claim that administrative authorities have insufficiency of funds for going forward with the idea of setting it all up on the lines of Singapore Night Safari, which is famous in the whole world. The charm and attraction of the already existing lion safari has been decreasing with the decrease in the lion population due to which such an idea was brought forward.

Earlier, there was a lion safari where visitors were taken inside the jungle in a van at Chattbir zoo. But, once something similar to Singapore Lion Safari gets implemented in Chandigarh, Chatbir zoo will become world famous and attract lakhs of visitors every month.

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