5000 Employees To Lose Job in Chandigarh Due To Liquor Ban

Following the orders of Supreme Court to not serve liquor in the 500 metres of State and National Highways, Chandigarh has observed the first dry day in the city on Saturday. The decision has only not affected the enjoyment of the residents but also the jobs of the hotel and bar employees. Banning of liquor in the city has led 5000 employees to lose their job. As the hotels and restaurants in Chandigarh that serve liquor are on the verge of closure, has left the employees with only one option to leave the job or search the another one.

Effects of Liquor Ban in Chandigarh

Although it’s not a total ban in the city, but the major areas of the city beautiful has stopped serving liquor. Mostly hotels, bars and restaurant in Madhya Marg and Sector 35 have been affected by the decision. As there is total liquor ban in these 2 areas of the city.

  • Restaurants and hotels have to suffer a monthly loss of Rs. 150 crores approximately.
  • Even the affected hotels and restaurants are planning to layoff 5000 employees.
  • It is also expected that the sale of the same hotel and restaurant will go down by half.
  • UT Excise will also face Rs. 10- 13 crore in the licence fee.

The liquor ban has been imposed to curb the drink and driving. But to curb this, it has been affecting the life of a huge number of people on its way.

Weekends at Madhya Marg & Sector 35

Every Saturday and Sunday, Madhya Marg and Sector 35 use to be hell rush as most of the restaurants and bars fall in these areas. But on the very first day after the implementation of Supreme Court’s decision, both these areas observed losing their charm as no rush has been encountered in them. Even there has been a clash between the opinions of the residents regarding the decision. Many are appreciating the Supreme Courts decision some of the people dishearten with it.

Although whatever it may be as of now the people of Chandigarh are trying to find out new places for their enjoyment of the weekends. Even most of the hotels and restaurants in the affected areas are planning to shift to some other place. So it may happen you get to go to your favourite restaurant soon but in some other area of Chandigarh.

Image Source = DNA India

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