Chandigarh: Sikhs outnumber Hindus & Muslims in Literacy Rate

Sikh community in Chandigarh has a higher literacy rate as compared to the Hindu and Muslim community in the city. This was revealed in the census data of religious communities which compared the literacy rate of Chandigarh according to the religion being followed by people.

Literacy Rate in Chandigarh: Key Facts

Though Chandigarh is not considered as a highly literate city as compared to states and other union territories of India, but It holds a good literacy rate among North Indian states. If we talk about religion, Hinduism is the most commonly followed religion among the people of Chandigarh followed by Sikhism and then Islam. Some other minority religions being followed in Chandigarh include Christian, Jainism and Buddhism. Here are some key facts about the literacy rate in Chandigarh according to religious communities.

Overall literacy rate in Chandigarh = 86%.

Literacy rate among Jains in Chandigarh = 98.5%.

Literacy rate among Sikhs in Chandigarh = 94.6%.

Literacy rate among Buddhists in Chd = 92.5%.

Rate of literacy among Christians in Chd = 91.2%.

Rate of literacy among Hindus in Chd = 85.2%.

Literacy rate among Muslims in Chandigarh = 74.7%.

Jainism is also the most literate religion in India. In the last census of 2001 and 2011, it was Jainism which was named as the most literate religios community. In Chandigarh as well, Jains are the most literate people followed by Sikhs. The literacy rate of each religious community in Chandigarh is far better than the national average. The city of Chandigarh has also seen a good increase in the overall literacy rate in recent years.

India’s Literacy Rate (Religious Community Wise)


This post has been written by Ajay Deep and it should be considered as a news story, irrespective of your religion. Respect for all religious communities which have been named in this post. The statistics mentioned here have been verified from various news sources & Wikipedia pages. A similar article talking about the religious literacy rate of North India was published in Hindustan Times dated 4 January 2016, written by one named Bhartesh Singh Thakur.


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