LPG Prices Hiked | Now You Have to Pay Rs.93-94 More Per Cylinder – Details Here

This Wednesday LPG that is cooking gas price was announced to increase by Rs. 4.6 per cylinder. This new price rate of the Subsided LPG [cooking gas] is going to be implemented by the 1st November 2017. The cost of the 14.2 Kg LPG Cylinder in Delhi is Rs. 495.69, In Kolkata the same cylinder is selling for Rs. 498.43, in Mumbai this cylinder costs Rs. 498.38 and in Chennai, you can buy this same cylinder for Rs. 483.69.

According to the sources and media reports, the cost of the non-subsided LPG Cylinder of the same size is going to increase bt Rs. 93-94 in the major cities of India. The price of LPG is continuously increasing as per the rising global oil rates. The prices for the LPG were revised in October only and this new report has fueled the tension among many people.

The New Prices of Non-Subsided LPG in Major Cities of India

According to the media reports and several sources, the news has been spreading that the price of the cost of the non-subsided LPG cylinder is going to increase in the major cities of India. LPG gas is one of the basic amenities in India and the rise in the price is definitely going to affect the everyday budget of the middle and lower class family. From 1st November 2017, the cost of the non-subsided cylinder is going to increase by Rs. 93-94 per cylinder.

According to the Indian Oil authority, the new price of a non-subsided cylinder in Delhi is going to be Rs. 742 per unit, Rs. 718.5 in Mumbai, Rs. 750 in Chennai and Rs. 759.5 in Kolkata. All the state-run oil companies have been instructed by the government to raise the price of the subsided LPG by Rs. 4 per cylinder every year, with the goal of eliminating all the subsidies by March 2018. In a year, a household is entitled to 12 14.2 Kg LPG cylinder in the Subsided rates. After that 12 cylinder, every purchase of the LPG cylinder has to be made at the market price.

This is the 4th time this year that the price of the LPG Cylinder has been increased. The increase in the LPG Gas Cylinder is going to be implemented by 1st November 2017.

Sources – NDTV


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