It’s Students Vs Police At Lovely Professional University (LPU) in Jalandhar | Here’s What Happened

In a shocking news form Jalandhar in Punjab, the students from the Lovely Professional University (LPU) went on a rampage in the wee hours of Sunday morning. The LPU students seemed angered at the arrest of a fellow hosteller named Sudhanshu Dubey. The accused is a twenty two year old LPU student from Bihar. The students also sat on a ‘dharna’ as a protest towards the Jalandhar Police outside the campus gate of LPU in Jalandhar.

What actually happened at LPU Jalandhar?

A student from Tamil Nadu who was also studying in LPU reported the Jalandhar Police that his cell phone has been stolen. The phone in question was an expensive Apple iPhone and the accused Sudhanshu Dubey who is also a LPU student apparenty demanded 35,000 Indian Rupees for it to be returned back. The Jalandhar Police was keeping a track on the movement and stormed into the LPU hostel and arrested Sudhanshu Dubey.

The students from LPU Jalandhar got angered at the ill treatment of the accused by the Police and went on a rampage. The students vandalized the campus property and sat on a dharna outside the main campus gate of the Lovely Professional University (LPU) in Jalandhar. The campus gate is on the highway which almost brought the traffic to a standstill. Meanwhile a Maruti Zen coming from the wrong side hit five students that were on a dharna on the Jalandhar highway. The already angered students of LPU Jalandhar turned the vehicle upside down and thrashed the driver and another passenger in the vehicle. The injured LPU students are being treated in a private hospital in Jalandhar. The two accused Shehenshah Singh and another co passenger have been booked for attempt to murder.

The Police said the situation is under control at the Lovely Professional University (LPU) in Jalandhar.

The Police maintain that the situation was under control the very same day but it has still deployed security in the LPU Jalandhar campus. The two students in question, Sudhanshu Dubey and another student from Tamil Nadu have come to a settlement and are also attending their respective classes in LPU Jalandhar. Though the highway was blocked for over two hours, no case has been registered on the students of LPU.

Source: Tribune

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