Farhan Akhtar in a Never Seen Before Avatar in Lucknow Central | Official Trailer

Trailer of Farhan Akhtar starrer Lucknow Central is out, and it is intriguing. Lucknow Central that stars Farhan Akhtar in the lead role along with Diana Penty and Ronit Roy is set against the backdrop of a jail and in this case, the jail is in Lucknow. Farhan Akhtar dreams of forming a music band but is wrongfully put behind bars. Farhan Akhtar who wants to perform at big events ends up in jail.

Farhan Akhtar’s character in Lucknow Central

Farhan Akhtar essays the role of Kishan Mohan Girhotra in the upcoming movie Lucknow Central. Lucknow Central is the story of an inmate, Kishan Mohan Girhotra aka Farhan Akhtar, who is wrongfully put behind bars. Farhan Akhtar, with no ray of hope of his acquittal in the forged case, he is forced to choose the unlawful path to escape from the jail and get his much-deserved freedom.

About the movie Lucknow Central

Farhan Akhtar, who essays the role of Kishan Mohan Girhotra in Lucknow Central has a cherished dream of forming his music band. Despite the long cherished dream of performing in a band of his own the protagonist Farhan Akhtar ends up in jail. What happens that Kishan Mohan Girhotra, the role essayed by Farhan Akhtar ends up in jail. What happens with him inside the jail? How will Kishan Mohan Girhotra aka Farhan Akhtar pursue his dream of forming a band? Will he be set free, or will he end up in the jail? How, what, where, when… Well, all the questions regarding Lucknow Central starring Farhan Akhtar will be answered on September 15 when the film will hit the silver screen. It is reported that ‘Lucknow Central’ is a thriller that has been inspired by true events.

Plot of the movie Lucknow Central

Kishen Mohan Girhotra, an aspiring singer from Moradabad, dreams of forming his own band. His aim is to become a noteworthy singer. Accused with murder charges, Kishen, a role being essayed by Farhan Akhtar, is sentenced to death penalty and ends up in the Lucknow Central jail. At the Lucknow Central jail Kishen witnesses, the harsh realities confined behind the four walls of the Jail. While serving his sentence, Farhan Akhtar befriends a few fellow inmates and initiates plotting his escape. How the protagonist’s (Farhan Akhtar) life progresses inside the Lucknow Central jail premises and how music rescues Kishen from the Lucknow Central Jail weaves the rest of the plot. Characters of the fellow inmates who form the group with Farhan Akhtar have been played by Deepak Dobriyal, Inaam Ul Haq, Rajesh Sharma and Rajesh Sharma

First look of Lucknow Central – Farhan Akhtar | Official Trailer

The trailer also reminds of YRF’s upcoming offering Qaidi Band. Qaidi Band appears similar to Lucknow Central as inmates of a jail in Qaidi Band film also form a music band. The music behind bars may be Bollywood filmmakers’ favorites these days.

Celebrated actor Ronit Roy who was lately seen in Sarkar 3 will be seen once again in a villainous role after Hrithik Roshan starrer Kaabil. His opening dialogue in the Lucknow Central trailer ‘Welcome to Lucknow Central’ affirms that he is once again going to nail it in Lucknow Central. Apart from Farhan Akhtar, Diana Penty, Deepak Dobriyal and Ronit Roy, the film also stars Punjabi singer and actor Gippy Grewal.

Till we come back with the latest information about Farhan Akhtar starrer Lucknow Central, its time to wait and ponder over the possibilities why Farhan Akhtar lands up in the Lucknow Central jail. Whether or not Kishen Mohan Girhotra successfully breaks out of the jail?

Source: Times of India


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